Best Fiends Stars MOD APK (Unlimited money, hearts) 3.2.6

Updated 12/09/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameBest Fiends Stars APK
PublisherSeriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, hearts
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Best Fiends Stars MOD APK

Are you a person who is afraid of bugs and insects? Or are you someone who is extremely interested and loves those little animals? No matter what type of person you are, you will all fall in love with these animals when you come to Best Fiends Stars. In the game, the insects will become friends, lovely heroes. The developer has created images of cute, small insect characters. They will accompany you on your adventure to explore the land of Minutia.

Best Fiends Stars is a simple entertainment game that is very easy to play and is known by many people. With more than 1 million downloads, it can be seen how great the attraction of this game is. The game is suitable for many ages, especially the little ones. With simple gameplay and eye-catching and vivid effects, Best Fiends Stars will definitely bring you the most comfortable playing moments.

Best Fiends Stars apk

Download Best Fiends Stars mod – Conquer new lands

Inspired by the amazing adventures of heroes, the developer has created the puzzle game Best Fiends Stars. In the game, heroes appear with the appearance of different insects. They do not have a large, fierce appearance. On the contrary, it is minimal and cute. However, they are courageous and wise heroes. The characters will accompany you on a long journey to find your way to the brightest star in the sky of Minutia.

Unlock new gates

To reach the sky of Minutia, you will have to pass countless gates. We will cross the lands, the forests, the oceans of the Uncharted. Each place will have challenges that we must overcome. To get the treasure must complete the mission of each level. The missions are varied from collecting items, collecting diamonds to fighting evil Slugs. Each time you complete a mission, you will pass the screen and receive a reward with a star. Collecting small stars will help you open up big treasures.

Best Fiends Stars apk mod

How to pass levels

The gameplay of Best Fiends Stars is straightforward. In each game, the screen will appear as a chessboard. On the cells, there will be different items to be harvested such as leaves, flowers, strawberries, drops of water, mushrooms,… . There are also: bushes, stumps, … they will block the way, and we need to destroy them. To collect items, you need to connect items of the same type. Must connect 3 or more things to harvest successfully. More links will collect faster and create huge explosive bombs.

Best Fiends Stars android

The tasks of each level will be different, and the difficulty will increase as you progress to higher levels. But don’t worry because you will always have the help of insect heroes. Use rocket boom to overcome challenges easily.

Huge treasure

In any adventure as well, the treasure is one of the indispensable parts for adventurers. The adventure in Best Fiends Stars also has a lot of treasures and beautiful items. Especially to mention are the brilliant diamonds, sparkling gold coins, and booms with great destructive power. Collect as many stars to unlock Stars Chess. Countless attractive rewards and new companions will appear here.

Best Fiends Stars apkmod


In addition to the green bug Temper, accompanying us are other friends such as Beatrice, Howie, JoJo,… Each has its own strength. They create booms that give us more power to attack the Slugs and collect the required items to pass the table. Each level will have different companions. Depends on the item collection task of that level. We also get to see birds. They will appear on the chessboard. Connecting items to the box containing birds near the diamond will help us collect them.

Best Fiends Stars mod

Connect with friends

Best Fiends Stars is not only an offline puzzle game but also a super fun online game. You can play online to connect with your friends and form groups. You and your friends can give each other gifts in the game and chat. These things add to the attraction for players and bring friends together more. When we can’t gather friends, we have Best Fiends Stars to have fun and entertain together.

Best Fiends Stars apk android

After passing all levels with difficult challenges, you will reach the Brightest Star. Minutia’s brightest star is glory, showing the wisdom and bravery of heroes. It is the most precious reward that anyone wants to have. How about you? Would you like to receive it? If yes, what are you waiting for without downloading the Best Fiends Stars mod right away? Let’s go on an amazing adventure with cute insect friends!

How to Download & Install Best Fiends Stars MOD APK (Unlimited money, hearts) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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