Idle Warrior Tales MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Premium) 1.1.16

Updated on 29/04/2023 (1 month ago)
NameIdle Warrior Tales APK
PublisherKyrylo Bespoludin
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Premium
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Role-play and battle with players or auto-battle in the game Idle Warrior Tales. Automatically have your hero fight monsters by getting weapons ready. Demons come to the front of your line of heroes and bring a lot of danger. Find items in the shop and equip the heroes who need them to fight. Monsters come towards you and resist the hero on your turn-based team. They appear at any time of the day or year to confront the group’s hero. Your advantage over monsters is that you plan to win. Kill monsters to bring money to upgrade your hero.

The characters fight automatically without control of the monsters in the game. You will build the strategy in the fight for you to win the easiest. The monster intelligence of the system won’t let you down when automatically fighting. No need to control; just arrange the position of the heroes in the team. They will risk their lives to protect where they are and block the way up of monsters. On the map, there will be dungeons possessing different mysterious dangers. The jail constantly spawned hordes of monsters with ghostly appearances. Hire legendary heroes so that absolute power over all demons is always in your hands.

Idle Warrior Tales mod

Download Idle Warrior Tales mod – Hunt and destroy dungeon monsters

Monsters are constantly being released from the dungeons appearing on the map. They don’t want to stay there forever but want to go out and destroy the world even if there is only one chance. Destroy that cruel target of the monsters with the heroes you get in the game. The prospect of destroying the world wouldn’t happen if you annihilated all the demons. Timely stop them from appearing on the ground by fronting your team of heroes. Dress your teammates in legendary gear to give them confidence in the face of monsters and be ready for battle. They won’t be able to invade the lands if you destroy all the dungeons where demons exist.

Idle Warrior Tales mod apk

Monster dungeon

The arrival of the dark dungeons where the monsters lived brought disaster. It was a possibility that the lands would now be no longer peaceful because of the appearance of evil. Evil monsters carry weapons to come to the surface to bring darkness to the world. Every step they take is an evil that appears and needs someone to stop it. Destroying the dungeon would be a problematic but sacred task for one person. Protecting the long-existing peace of the lands is your responsibility. The jail kept appearing, and the monsters that followed were moving everywhere. Their appearance is fixed, and you must follow them closely on the map.

Idle Warrior Tales android

Legendary heroes

You will need to create a team of heroes to be able to fend off the onslaught of monsters. They took possession of the equipment they had stolen from the ground and now had weapons. Those tools will make it possible for them to destroy anything they can encounter. If you are not careful, there is a chance that they will defeat you. Gather brave heroes from different lands and create a squad. The common goal is to stop the advance of evil and then save his land. Move your team to destroy evil dungeons and fight monsters. Your squad will be a team of justice with brave heroes.

Idle Warrior Tales free

Improve strength

The hero in your team will not ideally lack the strength to confront the monster. The power that comes from unity is the element that heroes use to cope with every journey. Heroes will cover each other from their place and will survive together. The saviors of each land also give them skills and equipment in battle. They appear from many different places, so their strengths are not the same. Each has its unique strengths and proficiency in using its weapons. Avoid using this hero’s equipment for the rest, but learn carefully. What powers each hero on the team possesses depends on how you find out.

Idle Warrior Tales apk

Lands inhabited by hordes of evil monsters emerged from the dungeon floors where demons resided. They appear to cause disaster, aiming to capture every peaceful place. Crush the monsters with a hero formation with the power of skills coming from the equipment. You will stop their brutal plan before it is executed in time. Timely move to where the dungeon suddenly appears and conquer all the monsters. How you fight will make the peace of each land in this world. Download Idle Warrior Tales mod to hunt down each monster from the dungeon and ensure the world’s stability is safe.

Download Idle Warrior Tales MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Premium) for Android

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