Code Atma MOD APK (Auto win) 1.1.64

Updated 29/09/2023 (9 months ago)
NameCode Atma APK
PublisherAgate Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4W+
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Introduce MOD APK Code Atma

In society, people can never avoid conflicts with each other. Code Atma is something that will faithfully reproduce what humans can do. Create fierce battles using legendary creatures. Find out who has a dark conspiracy to eliminate them once and for all. If you are not qualified, you will not be able to win for yourself. Download and start enjoying the fight you’ve been waiting for the most.

Code Atma is a tactical role-playing game created by developer Agate Games. The game is built according to the extremely popular turn-based gameplay on the market. Moreover, to create something special for you, the fictional plot is the essential factor. We are bringing a context full of dark colors and surreal power. Give you an impressive playing experience with a lot of diverse and unique features.

Code Atma mod

Download Code Atma mod – Join the secret war

In an era not far in the future, man has reached a technologically advanced level. But then came the currents of thoughts and supernatural forces. They confront each other and create a war filled with the chaos of factions. As a seeker, you’ll make the most of everything to your advantage. Search for legendary creatures collectively known as Atma and possess them. They will be the army fighting for you in this war. Defeat other powerful Atma possessors to end this war. You are the one who can change the destiny of this dark world.

Code Atma mod free

Hundreds of unique Atma

All the Atma created in this game are inspired by different cultures. Create a diverse collection that is well worth your search and possession. The Atmas will be divided into roles such as an attack, defense, and health regeneration. Typically, Srikandi or Garuda are long-ranged Atmas. Lohita and Kresna are assassins with a high source of melee damage. Sura can block a lot of damage from the opponent’s attacks. Lampir is a mage with the ability to both heal and damage enemies. In addition, they are also divided into different elements such as earth, water, fire, water, and plants.

Upgrades for the Atma

If you want your Atma to become stronger, you can’t help but upgrade them. This upgrade will cost a certain amount of gold and crystal shards. The higher the level, the higher the number of materials required. But what you get in return is the enhanced stats of Atma. From the amount of damage, health, defense to their agility are increased. Not only that, but skills also benefit when they can be used more powerfully. Search for synergies to evolve Atma to the next level. Witness their appearance change to a new level.

Code Atma mod apk

Build a battle formation

An intense battle formation will help you gain more advantages over your opponents. It will depend a lot on the position, and you arrange and the Atma in the squad. The most basic and solid team needs at least one support, one block, and the other damage. It can be more or less depending on the strategy you want to deploy. Another thing that affects just as much as the elements. For example, fire is countered by water, and water-type Atmas will be more dominant. They can oppose each other and cause damage to be affected. So the battle depends on your luck as well.

Code Atma mod android

Discover the legend

The battles in Code Atma are always closely related to the plot that the game wants to convey. After each chapter, you can discover a part of the story. Know the history of the world and the origin of the Atmas. The plots that the dark forces are plotting are also partly exposed. Meet and witness the skill of using the Atma of powerful opponents. Improve yourself so you can defeat them in intense duels. Modern technologies, along with the mystery behind the legends and curses, will form an endless battle for you.

When you come to Code Atma mod, you can do many exciting things never before. Collect and upgrade the most powerful legendary creatures yourself. Seek answers to unravel the darkest mysteries of this mysterious world. Feel what the publisher is trying to convey to everyone.

How to Download & Install Code Atma MOD APK (Auto win) for Android


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