Idle Tiny Wizard MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.3

Updated 25/09/2022 (2 years ago)
NameIdle Tiny Wizard APK
PublisherPandaria Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Idle Tiny Wizard MOD APK detail?

1. Gold Multiplier
2. Soul Multiplier

Introduce MOD APK Idle Tiny Wizard

Defend the house on the tallest tower of the magical kingdom in Idle Tiny Wizard. Now you are no longer the one actively looking for dark monsters to destroy. They come out of their abode and move towards you, hoping to take your place in the kingdom. Darkness spawns nameless monsters but carries weapons to attack you. Humanity has only one last hope, that is, you face tightness. The tower is your home, where you repel evil creatures from advancing. Survive and continue to endure their attacks to level up. Your magic will grow substantially over time, which gives you a bonus.

Creatures from the darkness occupied every direction in front of the house. The tower is where monsters first attack to be able to invade the kingdom. Your journey of discovery will no longer be active, but the passive one is you. Becoming a magician brings peace to you and your domain by destroying them. Overcome the monster attacks and let the bosses attack personally. You will use every skill to beat each class of monsters from all directions. Demons will be terrified by the magic attacks emanating from your staff. Purify everything that emerges from the darkness and bring light to you and your kingdom.

Idle Tiny Wizard android

Download Idle Tiny Wizard mod – Tower defense and darkness purification

Evil sounds that notify you of monsters have now appeared. They gather together and head to your house to destroy this first line of defense. You will be the first defender of the kingdom, and only you can do it. The people where you live are just ordinary, and they don’t know what to do in front of monsters. The whole kingdom depends on you because resistance to monsters is almost nonexistent. So take the wand in hand and turn your house into the most challenging tower. Use your courage to protect the kingdom and pursue a quest to purify the darkness.

Idle Tiny Wizard apk

Tower keeper

The darkness that has long disappeared now appears and surrounds the realm where you live. That place seems one by one, and evil monsters simultaneously consider your house the destination. They all want to remove the obstacle as you to storm the kingdom and destroy them all. Every direction of the house has its appearance to attract your attention. When you attack one monster, the others come forward and use their weapons to attack you. Do not let them enter the kingdom with mystical magic strikes from the staff in hand. You are the only tower defense of the domain and use weapons to stop them by all means.

Idle Tiny Wizard mod

Attribute upgrade

You are the only person against them, so your strength must be enough to protect them all. In combat, items dropped from dark creatures will help you with that. The monsters after death will drop souls and will help you get stronger and stronger. Use magic to collect them for yourself and upgrade your character’s attributes. Your attack power determines how easy it is to kill monsters. Focus on the attack attribute, so you are not weak when confronting monster bosses. The energy you use for spells is also essential, so upgrade this attribute. Every attribute helps you fight better, so boost sensibly.

Idle Tiny Wizard free

Skill circle

Your mage is a strong person and has a circle with six skills. Those skills are complementary methods for the magician’s magic to become powerful. After each round of fighting with the dark creatures, you can find those skills. They are evil ancient creatures that bring secrets to you. Destroy them all, and you may know the skills’ secrets. Monsters collect them, but apparently, the feature of this skill is not for them. You will be the beneficiary of the monsters and gather these skills into your circle.

Idle Tiny Wizard mod apk

Darkness reappeared and opened the door for the monsters to escape to attack the kingdom. You cannot back down because you are the kingdom’s only hope against monsters. Your house will become a castle and battle line to prevent them from invading. The whole domain now trusts in your ability to fight their wickedness. Upgrade the mage’s attributes to make it easier for you to fight monsters. A skill circle is a gathering place for the power that powers your magic to strike the darkness. Download Idle Tiny Wizard mod to become the first line of defense against the evil intentions of the dark monsters.

How to Download & Install Idle Tiny Wizard MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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