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Updated 18/01/2022 (2 years ago)
NameIdle TD: Heroes vs Zombies APK
PublisherIron Horse Games LLC
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Max range
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies

If the zombie apocalypse occurred, it would be a terrible thing. You can confront them in the great battle of Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies. Prepare to stop the most significant attacks ever. Summon the best warriors with skillful combat skills. Protect the safety of all people in the place where they live. Grow and become more vital than ever.

Do you feel you are too busy but still want to be entertained by games? Instead of just playing simple games, you can thoroughly choose idle games. Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies will be one of the best games that you should try. The 2D design and blocky visual constructions make everything unique. Make it look simple but highly addictive for players. Free to fight whenever you want.

Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies mod

Download Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies mod – Establish a solid defense

Your city is in danger of being invaded by a swarm of mysterious zombies. They came from an unknown dimension and passed through the portal of darkness. Gather your heroes and defend your headquarters from those fearsome enemies. Place heroes on either side of the path that the zombies are about to enter. They will automatically attack until the targets are destroyed. For every zombie that falls, you will receive a bonus. This money can be used to continue to buy other heroes and add to your squad. Upgrade to make them stronger and able to withstand the subsequent attacks.

Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies mod free

Unlock Guardians

Over 40 different warriors for you to hunt and own for your collection. They are ready to fight whenever you mobilize on the battlefield. These warriors will be divided into two types: long-range attack and melee combat. The fighting method and stats of each person will be completely different. You can click on them to see their personal information and the range of attacks that each person can reach. You can place up to ten heroes in the provided battle slots. It is possible to delve into and determine what effects their skills have in battle. From there, combine to create powerful results.

Use spells

When the enemy is too large, the heroes cannot stop it in time, and there will still be a way to save the situation. That is to use spells with terrible effects. There are quite a few different options you can unlock and summon. From meteor showers, freezing, atomic bombs, weakening enemies to destroy them all. The effect of these spells will affect the entire map, specifically all enemies. Gives you a huge advantage and eases the burden on the heroes. Not only that, you can completely upgrade them to be more effective. Increase damage or long duration.

Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies mod apk

Unlock upgrades

Coming to the next level, you need things that are more beneficial to the heroes. Unlocking new upgrades is the simplest way to make your team stronger. Among these options will be dealing extra damage, reducing cooldown, crit, or more. You can choose for yourself useful types of upgrades. Suitable for tactical goals as well as the most beneficial for your warriors. Resources can be used to improve efficiency further. Gain more advantage against the essential attacks of the zombies. Discover the powerful effects that upgrades have on your team.

Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies mod android

PvP Tournament

Twice a week, there will be a PvP tournament held for everyone to compete against each other. Here you will use your strongest squad to confront others. The two sides will arrange a reasonable array to start preventing zombie attacks. Each kill will add a certain number of points. Just like that, the team that loses first will lose, and the one who stands to the end will be the winner. The system will then save your playing progress from basing it on and evaluating the rating. Those with the most points will be honored on a separate list and receive admiration. This is the ultimate goal you need to aim for.

Use your spare time and discover all the fun of Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies mod. It will certainly never let you down.

How to Download & Install Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Max range) for Android


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