Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator MOD APK 1.9.3 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 26/08/2022 (1 year ago)
NameHollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator APK
PublisherDS GAMES, INC.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Becoming a Hollywood superstar is definitely something that everyone has dreamed of. Then let Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator help you do that a little bit. You won’t really become a Hollywood superstar in real life. So but you can know specifically what life is like behind those lights. Receiving prestigious awards, public praise, and above all, many admirers. It must have been a wonderful life, and it couldn’t be any better. Then let’s see if we really feel the same way.

Don’t think you can instantly become a star with millions of fans. All of the most famous figures come from different backgrounds. You will also have to go through the same process. You just graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles. Here you cherish the passion of becoming a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To do that, you will almost have to try your best. Complete what you are lacking and create a unique value. Until becoming a star, the process will not be easy.

Hollywood Story Celebrity Life Simulator mod

Download Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator mod – Become a famous superstar from empty hands

The road to becoming a superstar will not be easy at all. You will do anything before that to be able to assert yourself. Do whatever it takes to be recognized by superstars as a real celebrities. From business, working for shops, doing business by yourself. All to be able to look for opportunities to break into the vast world of Hollywood. Of course, you will be the one to decide your identity by choosing your gender at the beginning of the game. After a period of work, you will meet your other half by chance. The two share their dreams and make them come true together.s.

No matter how difficult the job is, unexpected events will not let you go. Sometimes you will lose your wallet on the way home from work. Or get into a fight with any bad guy and hurt yourself. But this happens when we don’t have any vigilance. Therefore, it is always important to protect your safety. That will make your career advancement more favorable. The person who knows how to overcome pain and hardship to achieve his dream is definitely a true star.

Hollywood Story Celebrity Life Simulator free

Own an amazing property

Job promotion is also when you can earn a lot of money. Use them to improve the quality of your life. Buy a new mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Shop some of the most modern and trendy supercars. Shop a wide range of your favorite fashions: Pet care and lots of fun spending activities you can do. Until then, you can enjoy your fruits. All are made up of the most difficult periods of life. Please share it with your other half to make life more fun and less lonely.

Hollywood Story Celebrity Life Simulator mod free

More relationships

When you become more famous, you also have more interesting relationships for yourself. It could be friends who are also in the process of finding fame. Or partners who work with many good projects to advance at work. Manage your relationships carefully. Besides the good people who want to help you, there are still a lot of envious people. They will find a way to bring you down and mock you at any time. The mechanism of relationships in life is never superfluous because we will know how people treat us.

Hollywood Story Celebrity Life Simulator mod apk

Unexpected situations

As mentioned above, unexpected situations can make you lose everything if you are not prepared in advance. Sometimes it can help you take a big step forward in your career if you know how to take advantage of it. For example, one day, a direct investor comes to work with you. They offered to cooperate and offered a desirable amount of money. Based on your experience and work situation, as well as your assets. You will decide whether to agree to cooperate and invest in it. There are also a lot of situations with many different forms. It is up to you to agree or not, but the results are completely unpredictable.

Hollywood Story Celebrity Life Simulator mod apk free

So, becoming a superstar in Hollywood is not simply about owning a large fortune, accompanied by many passionate fans. That’s a trade-off for a lot of different risks you need to consider. It is a process of hard work that can be reaped. For such a reason, a life simulation game like Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator mod will be interested and well received by many young people.

Download Hollywood Story: Celebrity Life Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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