NecroMerger MOD APK (Currency/Spawn/Skip Time) 1.50

Updated 21/03/2024 (4 months ago)
NameNecroMerger APK
PublisherGrumpy Rhino Games
MOD FeaturesCurrency/Spawn/Skip Time
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
NecroMerger MOD APK detail?

CheatMenu (Buttom Right “Setting”)
You can add/unlock everything you want

Introduce MOD APK NecroMerger

Perhaps we are too used to the righteous hero role-playing games. So what about a game where you will be the dark lord against humanity?. Maybe this feeling you have never experienced before. If you want to try the feeling of being a rebellious element for once, then NecroMerger is what you are looking for. The game is built with the necessary tools for you to carry out your plan to take over humanity. Once you have created a powerful army, use them to conquer the world and spread darkness everywhere. Just a perfect plan. The world will be entirely in your hands.

Perhaps we will have many new plans when we become a dark lord. For example, building a tall building to house and torture humanity. Or use your army and occupy their great cities. But in the magical world of NecroMerger, you will raise a beast called Devourer. They are mysterious animals with a dark power that always craves human blood. The process of raising them is also not easy at all. Humanity will always hunt and destroy your dark power. So work carefully and secretly.
NecroMerger mod apk

Download NecroMerger mod – The power of the dark lord

NecroMerger, although built on 2D images, has extremely eye-catching photos. The ghostly sound combined with the somewhat dark colors will make you feel creepy. The plot is relatively simple, not too deep, but makes players unable to take their eyes off. The life of the dark lord has many exciting things waiting for you to discover. The process of becoming a world hegemon is a very long journey. Besides, countless little guys want to stop your journey. Destroying them all would probably be more straightforward than dragging them down a sinful path.

NecroMerger apk free

Raise the Devourer, the source of limitless power

The fearsome monsters that are always hungry for human blood in this world are collectively known as Devourers. They have many different types, each with its special powers. They will be an extremely reliable companion in the journey to conquer the world. As a beginner, you will be given the essential species and their lowest levels. So it would be best to upgrade them by matching different types and classes together. This gives them a much stronger power and unlocks you more bonus points.

NecroMerger android

Once they have gained a certain strength threshold, this is your chance to destroy those pesky heroes. They will constantly come and try to kill you. Don’t worry because your companion is always ready to add them to his menu tonight. But sometimes, they are entrepreneurs and bring mysteries. To destroy the infidels righteously and wisely. Who knows, the precious treasures will hang on them.

Build your dark lair

Having a reputation as a dark lord without having a lair of his own is ridiculous. So at NecroMerger, you’ll have the power to build a shelter that suits your style. The lavish decorations, the large iron cots, the pot of medicine….etc. Many different types of decoration are waiting for you to unleash your creativity. Try to build yourself a lair full of horror that anyone must cry when they set foot.

NecroMerger mod free

Master the brutal curses

There’s no way a dark lord wouldn’t have some power of his own. A system was full of pre-built courses for you to choose from. Start with the simplest and easiest to use vowels. However, their power has many limitations. But when you have reached a particular strength, you will unlock more types of evil magic. They are essential factors for you to defeat your enemies and become world hegemony.

NecroMerger mod

Collect invaluable resources

Humans that stray into your lair don’t always try to destroy you. Sometimes the merchants also bring you many bargains that you cannot ignore. The items exchanged will be kept and beautify your colorful collection. They are incredibly diverse, from appearance to color. You can exchange it for many attractive rewards when you have collected an entire assembly.

Perhaps you have somewhat understood the exciting life of a cruel dictator. But I guarantee you, if you experience it yourself, it will be much more enjoyable. Don’t wait any longer without downloading the NecroMerger mod to build your empire.

How to Download & Install NecroMerger MOD APK (Currency/Spawn/Skip Time) for Android


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10 months ago

Just downloaded, but when i tried installing it says “app not installed”. Please fix

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