Idle Huntress: Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Game Speed) 1.0.14

Updated on 19/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameIdle Huntress: Adventure APK
PublisherBluStar Games Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu, Game Speed
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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The female hunters are waiting for you to show your bravery in Idle Huntress: Adventure with your talents. Lead them to victory over the rapidly spreading demonic force. Darkness cannot bring us down so quickly. Mercilessly destroy the minions created by the evening. Bring glory to the lands that are engulfed in the suffering of cruelty. The unworthy will never have the privilege of living. They will be punished by the sharp weapons you own in these hands.

The explosion of online mobile games has got everyone hooked. Games with card elements like Idle Huntress: Adventure also have a certain charm. But you need to know that it requires quite a high strategic piece. From there can stimulate our brain to work better than usual. You will also be able to admire the battles that cannot be done anywhere else. Play to satisfy the hobby of conquering the most difficult things. To be at the top in the competitions where I worked so hard.

Idle Huntress Adventure mod

Download Idle Huntress: Adventure mod – Fight the spread of evil

Realizing that the world is out of balance, you have tried to find a way to restore the inherent peace. Only proud female warriors can do this. You will use what they have to repel the armies of darkness. Fight the evil creatures that are wreaking havoc on immense structures. These female warriors will automatically attack according to the commands you give them. Can use skills to deal more damage to immediate opponents. But don’t give them a chance to sell a lot of damage to people on your team. If destroyed, we will need to restart the game and look for victory.

Collection of hunters

Hunters are always both talented and beautiful beauties to you. You will have to perform the summoning method from the lucky box to get it. We will notice that each hunter has their charm. They can use their strange weapons to torment their enemies. When combining these individuals into a group, the effect is relatively high. Gives you the freedom to improvise to form diverse squads. High-class hunters will be the target for players to hunt. From there, they own a robust collection of legendary hunters for themselves. The more you play, the more characters you get.

Idle Huntress Adventure mod free

Precious equipment

The equipment of Idle Huntress: Adventure is the treasure that hunters can own. These treasures help them make good use of their terrible power. They are potentially divided according to inherent properties. The weaarest is white, green, blue, purple, and yellow. Legendary gold items will be in the shop’s lucky spins. It’s also in the boss slaying copies that you need to complete. Finding enough things of the same type will help you unlock some of the hidden attributes. Making thealready strong characterg will now be many times stronger than usual you did not expect.

Idle Huntress Adventure mod apk

Overcoming the bosses

To get to the following plot, you have to destroy the bosses at the door. They possess a great source of power that no one can invade. Master the vast lands and take orders from the leading dark lord. Your team needs to find the necessary strength to confront them. The fight will be more intense than usual, and the chances of winning will be significantly reduced in Idle Huntress: Adventure mod.

Download Idle Huntress: Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Game Speed) for Android

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