The Age of Pirates The Sea MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier, God mode) 1.0

Updated 22/01/2022 (2 years ago)
NameThe Age of Pirates The Sea APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier, God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK The Age of Pirates The Sea

Travel with your most powerful pirate crew in the world of The Age of Pirates The Sea. Recently, another game based on the most famous manga in Japan was released. The Age of Pirates The Sea is based on the popular One Piece manga worldwide. Now fans have officially transformed into real pirates. Explore the vast sea and defeat the strongest there. Become the pirate king and get all the fame and fortune. Impressive power is the most interesting and makes anyone want to try their best. Then The Age of Pirates The Sea is a very suitable choice for you.

The story in One Piece is about a boy who wants to set sail and become the strongest pirate. The game The Age of Pirates The Sea also builds a big pirate world based on those contents. In this place, without power, you can’t do anything. Let’s go and recruit geniuses in combat. Create the strongest pirate crew to take on all enemies. Go through exciting adventures to find many great treasures. Same as winning the One Piece treasure that anyone craves.

The Age Pirates The Sea mod 1

Download The Age of Pirates The Sea mod – Gather the strongest pirates in the world

Belonging to the turn-based fighting genre and complex strategy, The Age of Pirates The Sea is dedicated to those who want to fight based on their arraying skills. The first task is to recruit the most powerful pirates. Please put them in your squad and fight against the enemy. Different seas will gather many formidable pirates. Those enemies are based on the original One Piece story, so those watching will indeed find them familiar. The entire story is included in The Age of Pirates The Sea. However, it is still edited so that you are the main character. You are the player and will be the strongest in the game.

3D graphics are the first highlight of The Age of Pirates The Sea compared to other games of the same genre. The conversations and cutscenes in the game’s plot make you feel like watching a movie. The characters are shown to be true to their powers in the comics. Can you recruit them to join your pirate crew? The upcoming journey promises to be very interesting and challenging. Not only your strength but the connection between teammates is also critical.

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Familiar character system

You and many One Piece fans are probably not too unfamiliar with the familiar straw hat. The main character Luffy and his teammates in the pirate crew, such as Zoro, Sanji, Nami… All are featured in The Age of Pirates The Sea and will become teammates to fight with you. Each character will have a different way of collecting. Please put them in the main squad to join the fight with the enemy. The characters carry in them the pure power or of the devil fruit. So no character’s skills are the same as any other character. The combination of symbols to fight together is also a significant problem. It is intended to increase strength and alignment to the maximum.

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Fascinating plot

The plot of The Age of Pirates The Sea is slightly changed from the original in the comics. You will be the one aiming for the throne of the strongest pirate in the world. Find the famous One Piece treasure and become the pirate king. So on that path, there will be many enemies standing in the way. Sometimes you will be against the pursuit of other powerful pirates, marine corps, powerful Yonko, and raging mountain bandits. In the plot development, there are also many important dialogues and cutscenes. You can choose to skip or enjoy the plot of The Age of Pirates The Sea. Either way, the gameplay experience won’t change.


Although they are considered secondary factors, they are still very important, contributing to increasing the strength of your pirate crew to continue fighting and updating with new content. It’s a character upgrade system, including leveling up, equipping, and enhancing weapons. Limiting the number of characters in the squad is also important. It helps you find the proper gameplay when only a few members. The game screen is also divided into many types. From the story level, explore to fight with other players. Win milestones to get more rewards and Belly – the in-game currency. Your journey to become a pirate king will be very long and dramatic.

The Age Pirates The Sea mod apk free 1

Combine many of your favorite characters in the squad to fight against enemies and other players. Advance to the latest levels to unlock more exciting plot details. Build tactics and upgrade to make the characters even stronger. Lots of great content that you will experience when the game officially launches. Download The Age of Pirates The Sea mod to reach the highest throne of the pirate world.

How to Download & Install The Age of Pirates The Sea MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier, God mode) for Android


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