Fantasia of Mirror MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) 1.8.4

Updated 20/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameFantasia of Mirror APK
PublisherMoYe Hong Kong Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Fantasia of Mirror

A famous action card game set in ancient China called Fantasia of Mirror. The game integrates popular culture, style, legend and novel. Combined with the highly graphic design, players seem to be immersed in the characters participating in the game. Experience the wonderland and join in exciting card battles. This war occurs between the gods and the creatures and people poisoned after the chaos. Pangu wishes to wash away all karma and save the ordinary people who have not been infected with these substances. The story of the game is inspired by the work “Flowers in the Mirror”.

Anyone who has read the above work can guess somewhat about the initial development. They will be brought back to life in the classic story of the Magi, the gods and the demons. Most of the fighting characters are gods possessing unlimited power. The game’s supporting NPC characters are also highly detailed. Through the conversations that appear on the screen, players can calculate the following activity to do. The reunion of the gods when the player unlocks all the characters. This creates an infrequent exciting phenomenon. This happens in the fairy world only when there is a special occasion.

Fantasia of Mirror android

Download Fantasia of Mirror mod – Become one of the gods to save the commoners of the kingdom.

The game’s operation is relatively easy to understand when there are mechanical skills. Players collect cards of many heroes. Who is the strongest and has the most remarkable skills? Players can bring them into the battle, depending on the number of characters; the cards of the heroes are divided equally and placed on either side of the screen. Facing them was the monster they needed to destroy. At the top of the screen is a red horizontal bar representing the enemy’s energy. Players must deplete this flat bar before all their characters are destroyed. The placement of the characters is also essential for the player’s strategy.

Fantasia of Mirror apk free

Many levels

The story mode of Fantasia of Mirror will make you overwhelmed. With more than 20 chapters of the main storyline and 400 levels waiting for players to explore. Exquisite map, monsters change in each group. The battle scene also varies according to the chapter you are participating in and possibly exploring the lava path next to a monster smelter. Or dig deep and dark caves that are hard into distinguishing the direction. There are also many challenges corresponding to each level. Besides destroying monsters, players must climb towers, fight, dispute, and capture monsters alive, …

Fantasia of Mirror apk

Many characters

Already a combination of gods and Taoists, the appearance of the heroes is also highly diverse. All of them have elaborate costumes and hairstyles of ancient China. Personalize your character to create a specialized squad to changing clothes and hairstyles. Players can also bring more jewellery, weapons, and items for their character. From the gods living in the sky or the gods in the deep sea. The god who rules the heavens, or the god who guards the hells. All are mobilized to participate in the battle against the hordes of monsters as long as you can unlock them.

Fantasia of Mirror mod apk

Special Boss

The boss of the mythical world is exceptional; it only appears at a particular time of the day. This requires players to have a particular ability; confidence can win. They are also only unlocked for a certain amount of time. So if the player intends to fight them, they must decide immediately. In addition, if you feel your ability is still lacking. Players can call on more friends with the same passion for killing bosses. Because if you do not win, the player’s reputation and experience points can be significantly reduced.

Fantasia of Mirror mod

In addition to the hard times when fighting the boss to earn rewards. Players can also participate in PK battles, where you can duel other players. Can join in inter-server contests, show abilities and manipulate melancholy. You are launching beautiful moves, along with a support skill system. Here players can also make new friends, and expand relationships. By joining guilds, marry your in-game object. Shopping for items, raising animals, free to search for elemental monsters to train your hands. Download Fantasia of Mirror mod to become the gods keeping the peace for the kingdom.

How to Download & Install Fantasia of Mirror MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) for Android


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