Idle Hiking Manager MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.13.3

Updated on 20/10/2022 (6 months ago)
NameIdle Hiking Manager APK
PublisherColdFire Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Have you ever managed a road with exciting tourist resorts? Idle Hiking Manager will bring you the experience of becoming a real estate tycoon. As an entrepreneur working in various venues, you need a rational mind and bold decisions. Managing a long stretch of road has never been easy. With just a phone, you can freely roam around and build your path. Upgrade your buildings daily to shorten the process for profit. Invest in making as many tourist attractions and reinvest to increase your area’s income.

Opening Idle Hiking Manager is a small, unspoiled hill. Your job is to make your mountain business expand more and more. Build campsites on the hill so visitors can experience and take pictures with water wells and pyramids. Besides, you need to operate the cafes and restaurants wisely to maximize the cash return. Expand the road with new, modern buildings. Take advantage of all the benefits of idle cash income as much as you can to bring your name to the top of Idle Hiking’s glory.

Idle Hiking Manager mod apk

Download Idle Hiking Manager mod – Become a talented businessman managing road resorts

With only two empty hands and unclaimed land, you will decide whether you can become a rich woman or not what is necessary to manage a large plot of land. That’s hiring new employees or giving old employees a raise as your business grows. You can collect passive money. Visitors still come to your hilly area even when you are not online. You can quickly accumulate cash from there. Although the gameplay seems simple, you must make wise and logical decisions. Turn your small business into an enormous name empire in Idle Hiking Manager.

Unlock many attractions

With a diverse and easy-to-see interface and colorful designs. Idle Hiking Manager offers you a treasure trove of travel works. From swimming pools, restaurants, cafes,… All tourist attractions that can generate money are available here as long as you meet the quest’s requirements. If you collect enough gold coins, you can unlock popular places with visitors. In addition, because this is a mountainous area, you can completely rent camping grounds. The luxuriant trees add authenticity to the land and attract many tourists. When visitors join your place, after a while, you will collect money, hearts, and items.

Idle Hiking Manager mod

Open up a new land

Since Idle Hiking Manager gives you a wasteland, you need to open up locations gradually. There are also a variety of different areas here. Including deserts, forests, pyramids, and waterfalls;… To move from one place to another, visitors can use the high-speed train. Rest assured that Idle Hiking Manager will give you an area map to manage your land. If you open many places to visit, you can earn a lot of money. It can be expensive at first to expand the land. That will bring you benefits in the future.

Idle Hiking Manager apk free

Unlock mysterious buildings

With Idle Hiking Manager, there will be mysterious buildings that you must reach a certain level to open. Collect enough tickets and backpacks required by the game to unlock these buildings. These buildings will give you a higher profit. Time to generate money for visitors is also faster. Welcome visitors from the entrance area on the tram with a smiley face. Then take all these visitors through your buildings. In different regions, the scenery and creatures there are also different. In the desert, there are cacti; in the mountains, there are pine trees; on the gravel road, …

Idle Hiking Manager android

With just one click, you can take tactical measures for the road. In Idle Hiking Manager, there is no need to connect to the network; you can play anytime, anywhere, without thinking. If you have enough money, click once, and the money will be in your pocket immediately. Vivid 3D character design suitable for all ages of players. There will be reputation rankings for you and other players. When you become rich, your name will resonate throughout the game. Should we increase staff, expand stations, invest in restaurants or roads,…? Everything is under your control. Download Idle Hiking Manager mod to demonstrate your financial and regional management.

Download Idle Hiking Manager MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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