Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK 1.8 (Unlimited Money)

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NameInternet Cafe Simulator APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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To get a lot of money, turn on the computer in the cafe and go to Workers > Bodyguard > and press Rent!

Cocopo has released a game for players to build the world’s most modern internet cafe. Internet Cafe Simulator where you can be a businessman for yourself. Players must do all the work even of the maid. Do not think you just need to work through the speakers and there will be an easy cafe. This game is not for those who dream about a pink world. From the meagre amount of money you need to develop how that capital must be profitable first. Therefore, games that require reasonable computation can exist here. It’s no different than reality when you want to open a drink shop. It’s not as pink as you might think, it all requires the player to train from the failures themselves.

Do not think that Internet Cafe Simulator is too complicated. It’s not like that, in fact, I just want to say it imitates obvious reality. The plot shows an extremely normal game, you need to eat and drink then work. If you do not want to be exhausted, take care of your diet. The bigger the scale of the cafe you’re dreaming about, the more you have to do to achieve that desire. Calmly handle the workload that may be reaching your goal.

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD

Internet Cafe Simulator – Build your cafe

From the meagre amount, you need to rent a house to have business premises. To avoid pressure from your monthly rent, you need to find effective business methods quickly. Customers are the only source of income, think of ways to keep them next to how to attract new customers. As an investment, it is only now that you are investing in yourself.

Gameplay is very realistic

To have money, you don’t necessarily need to work from a coffee shop. Players can do something even illegal in Internet Cafe Simulator, but remember the price is not cheap. Besides, you can combine with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to increase profits faster. With limited money initially, you should not waste too much because it is easy to go bankrupt.

If the business is favourable now players need to expand further. You should hire more employees, expand the area of ​​the restaurant to attract more customers. The computer applications here will be the highlight of Internet Cafe Simulator, you can retain customers or not because of these differences.


With 3D images, every little corner of the player’s cafe is realistic simulation. Internet Cafe Simulator never lets you down with visual experience. The thing, you have to adapt to the graphic style that Cocopo creates. It looks pretty classic but if you look closely it is very interesting.


Use effects that make the listener feel like they’re in a luxurious place. Those are my words to help you visualize the quality of sound in the game. As owners, sometimes we should prepare to psychologically enjoy. Especially when your cafe model is on the rise, right?

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK

Download Internet Cafe Simulator MOD latest

Can use strenuous word for things you need to do in the game. However, in exchange for a large cafe, I think it is worth the price. Not just an ordinary cafe. Mostly you will collect money from customers from many internet services such as public computers, game consoles, consoles, kitchens for serving drinks and fast food. Download Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK let’s build a modern entertainment place. Where anyone can come here to relax and entertain.

Download Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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