Idle Cave Miner MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money)

Updated 02/12/2023 (13 hours ago)
NameIdle Cave Miner APK
PublisherCold Hours
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Idle Cave Miner MOD APK Information

  • Unlimited Souls
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • All IAP Purchased

Introduce MOD APK Idle Cave Miner

Idle Cave Miner is a game where you play as an adept miner. Build a team of professional miners. After mining gems, gold, and silver, you can make finished products. There is an instruction item in the form of an antique sheet of paper. Monitor it for items the player needs to mine. The screen is divided into a small section above with utensils and widgets. Underneath most of the space is room for rocks that players need to exploit. There is a shop where there are rails for the crates of items. Next to it is a chain of orange barrels moving continuously in a chain. Rocks were scattered and broken everywhere.

The miner holds a specialized mining tool in his hand, wherever he works, the miner moves there. Just touch the rock that the player wants to mine. After that, it was about harvesting the elements that fell from this land. Because looking at the mining site, the elements are arranged according to their position and are not fixed. Each time, only a small square-shaped area can be exploited. After mining a certain amount of ore and gems, transport them to the conveyor belt location to take them out. The more miners in your team, the faster your team will finish mining the rock. It is important that the number of touches to exploit is limited in each level.

Idle Cave Miner mod apk

Download Idle Cave Miner mod – Miner team exploits rare elements from ore mines

After exploiting this area, you will continue to the next screen. In the process of mining ore, buy more support items to speed up the mining process. The cost of the reward depends on the difficulty of the challenge. If players are confident in their speed and mining ability, they can confidently choose the big screen. To do difficult missions in areas deep underground. Players need some more specialized and special tools. Go to the smithy in the house section. Search and cast the most specialized and powerful equipment to serve this work. Each tool is also suitable for different miners.

Idle Cave Miner apk

Many miners

Many miners come from all over the world. If you feel there are more suitable people but still like your current miner. You don’t have to replace them, you can choose to add them to your team. There was a black miner wearing a gray suit and a black helmet. There’s also an alien-shaped miner with green skin and pointed ears. Miner with yellow helmet and white flashlight on top. There are pirates, but they go mining with a skull cap. Japanese ninja with the Japanese flag on his head. And countless other characters are waiting for players to unlock.

Idle Cave Miner apk free

Item crafting

The rare elements that players mined were only raw materials. Wanting to make them earn a price, players can forge these materials into gems. In the yellow sphere section, players can see yellow rectangles. Above is the name of the stone you want to refine and the elements needed to refine these stones. The black diamond obsdian requires two iron ore and one black stone. To train a triangular Rutile, you need an obsdian and a yellow hand stone. In particular, the Mythic gem requires 3 red, blue, purple, and 3 gold ingots to create this tablet.

Idle Cave Miner android

Support Cards

To get rare and precious elements. Players need to dig deep into the earth’s core, which contains rare and precious stones. But with just a shovel and a mining ax, it would be impossible to get into the depths of the earth. Therefore, players can enter the store area to buy support cards. For example, buy fireproof vests to avoid being burned by the heat of the earth’s core. Or mining power cards for 50 gold coins can increase the power by a hundred times. Tap Damage card for 24 gold coins, one touch can break two pieces of ground in one touch. There are also many tokens that serve to support miners’ convenience.

Idle Cave Miner mod

Idle Cave Miner provides a system of quests as a goal board the player can complete. After reaching a milestone, the player can get purple diamond-shaped stones. Use it as a catalyst in stone forging. In addition, upgrade items and equipment to help players gain strength. There are many different mines for players to explore. Downloading Idle Cave Miner mod opens a new world of mining resources.

How to Download & Install Idle Cave Miner MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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