Crafty Lands MOD APK 2.9.1 (Unlocked Hero, Spear)

Posted 10 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameCrafty Lands APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Hero, Spear
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Living in a world that we dream of is hard to come by. But you can find other ways like with Crafty Lands. This is a vast world, and there are no geographical limits. Allows you the freedom to create, assemble anything you love. Create great works by your ability at any time. Takes you on a journey through different eras.

Recently, creative games based on blocks have been extremely popular. Especially young adults because of the great benefits that it brings. The images are square blocks put together. But not so that it becomes boring, even more enjoyable. Freedom and creativity are what players need in this vast world. Do what you love and explore your intellectual limits.

Crafty Lands mod

Download Crafty Lands mod – Build your wonderful world

Forget all the standard rules with classic games. In this sandbox game, you will be the most influential creator. Recreate and build vast lands with valuable but straightforward squares. You can take advantage of all different angles to perfect your works. From flying, digging the ground, to fighting can all be done with ease, and your imagination can completely be applied to these works. Everything is simplified to make it easier for you to shape your goals more quickly. No need for modern and time-consuming things here.

Crafty Lands mod free

Many interesting tools

During the adventure, you will be provided with a toolbar to perform the necessary actions. This toolbar will include different square blocks in full color. These squares can be obtained by digging the ground, cutting down trees, or mining rocks. There are also other tools such as weapons, picks, shovels, or chemical barrels. You can use all of these to create buildings. Build cities with tall buildings next to each other. Create rivers and mountains with the people living there. Don’t forget that there are other animals in there as well.

Create your character

Players need a character to represent themselves in this vast world. You are free to create a suitable appearance according to your favorite style. There will be choices between male and female characters for all players. Along with that will be the body shape and physical features such as skin color or face. Next are other accessories such as clothes, hats, or jewelry for the character. You can also choose from existing surfaces such as pirates, fairies, or warriors. You can use the money you have earned to buy more beautiful accessories. This is where all personal preferences are respected.

Crafty Lands mod apk

Play with friends

The joy is always doubled when we have close friends by our side. You can create a private room to invite them all in. Here you can choose all the possibilities that the player can perform during the participation process. Work with them towards bigger goals or compete in skills. Create more extensive works with the creativity of each person contributing. You will feel more fun and have more excitement in the game. So do not hesitate to invite your loved ones to the beautiful Crafty Lands. This is a way for all to connect, no matter where they are.

Crafty Lands mod android

Explore new lands

Many different lands exist in Crafty Lands with diverse characteristics. Each place gives you an exciting look like in actual society. From remote and poor lands to colorful modern cities. The moving people living there all develop in their way. You can explore all these places in your quest for the new. Faced with many dangers that can be directly life-threatening. Discover new mechanics or features from all around you. You will never be bored again.

Realize your wildest dreams by downloading the Crafty Lands mod today. Use all the blocks to create amazing things.

Download Crafty Lands MOD APK (Unlocked Hero, Spear) for Android

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