Idle Breaker MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/VIP Unlocked) 1.0.32

Updated 03/12/2023 (5 days ago)
NameIdle Breaker APK
PublisherEstoty Vilnius UAB
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage Multiplier/VIP Unlocked
SupportAndroid 8.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Idle Breaker MOD APK Information

[ Player Menu ]
Fast Harvesting Speed
Harvest Any Material
Instant Destroy Materials
Survior Battle Pass
Elite Battle Pass
Damage Multiplier
Vip User
Removed Ads
Unlimited Branch
Unlimited Wood
Unlimited Wooden Plank
Unlimited Metal
Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Plastic
Unlimited Engine
Unlimited Tire
Unlimited Bolts
Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Speedup Ticket
Unlimited Fabric
Unlimited Platinum key
Unlimited Gold key
Unlimited Rubber
Unlimited Glass
Unlimited Hand Wheel
Unlimited Flashlight
Unlimited Silver key
Unlimited Gas
Unlimited Fuse
Unlimited Coil
Unlimited Pipe
Unlimited Weapon scrap
Unlimited Boot scrap
Unlimited Gloves scrap
Unlimited Pants scrap
Unlimited Random scrap
Unlimited Shirt scrap
Unlimited Ultimate scrap
Unlimited Boots token
Unlimited Gloves token
Unlimited Pants token
Unlimited Shirt token
Unlimited Weapon token
Unlimited Angle Grinder
Unlimited Armor Blueprint
Unlimited Crankshaft
Unlimited Blue Keycard
Unlimited Motor
Unlimited Paint Gun
Unlimited Rugged Wheels
Unlimited Supercharger
Unlimited Welding Torch
Unlimited Wrench
Unlimited Ceramics
Unlimited Crude Oil
Unlimited Duct Tape
Unlimited Electronic parts
Unlimited Hydraulic Fluid
Unlimited Junk
Unlimited Light Bulb
Unlimited Metal Bars
Unlimited Circuit Board
Unlimited Mounting Plate
Unlimited Paint
Unlimited Piston
Unlimited Sandpaper
Unlimited Suspension Parts
Unlimited Welding Fuel
Unlimited Wires
Unlimited Gold Bracelet
Unlimited Control Module
Unlimited Gear
Unlimited Shaft
Unlimited Stator
Unlimited Power Switch
Unlimited Train Control Unit
Unlimited Orange Keycard
Unlimited Perk Booster
Unlimited Drill Bit
Unlimited Whetstone

Introduce MOD APK Idle Breaker

Idle Breaker MOD APK challenges your survival ability when facing brutal zombies. You will live in a world where the cruellest creatures have destroyed peace. And this place was pushed into danger of destruction when life was almost assimilated. The ones who caused this situation in the world are the zombies roaming the lands. So, to keep your life, you must fight whether or not you like it. And you will accompany the brave warrior, a girl, to participate in combat. She was lucky to survive the disaster but still needs your help to protect herself.

When joining a world destroyed by zombies, your mission is to fight for life. And you will control a heroine with the ability to use guns and combat weapons. But when fighting against the undead, you will notice signs of remaining life. So, you must follow their trail and try to rescue survivors. You and they are holding on to the hope of prolonging the world’s belief in survival in the face of disaster. So it would be best if you broke everything that hinders you in the fight to destroy all the undead. Get ready to fight in zombie battles at challenging levels.

Idle Breaker mod

Download Idle Breaker MOD APK – Destroy the waves of zombies protecting the human world

You will control a warrior participating in thrilling battles for your life. There, you will see and feel the destruction of everything in your sight. That’s when you must run away from waves of zombies and fight to prevent them from attacking. Since you are the only life present, they will surround you from all sides. After successfully escaping, collect resources to gain survival capital. They can help you maintain hope in the face of combat challenges. Start missions against the undead and destroy them to keep yourself safe.

Idle Breaker apk

Fight against waves of zombies

The waves of zombies appearing in the world have destroyed the long-standing peace of humanity. And they have assimilated anyone into a zombie force and brought the world to the brink of destruction. But you are the only one who can keep yourself from being surrounded and destroyed by zombies. So you have to organize attacks to kill them to find a way to survive. Then, you have to confront many zombies forming large waves. But the most potent zombies you must eliminate are the most evil bosses. Take down all the world’s zombies with your courage in Idle Breaker MOD APK.

Idle Breaker mod apk

Exchange resources for power

You have begun the fight against the undead in lands full of survival challenges. And to defeat them for life, you must own equipment to help you fight. They can be redeemed in areas temporarily safe from waves of evil zombies. But to get them, you need to collect resources while destroying them. These could be materials lying in the ruins of buildings destroyed by zombies. And every time you change weapons and equipment, you must have the required resources. Destroy zombies to get abundant resources in exchange for the power to fight against them.

Idle Breaker free

Overcome survival challenges

The fight against the undead will bring you the most thrill and excitement. These are battles for your life, so you must be careful at all levels. But you not only fight for yourself but also for the goal of saving a living. They are trying to avoid waves of pursuing zombies in different locations. So, it would be best to destroy the zombies surrounding the areas to keep them safe. That will also help you have more allies to fight in future wars. Fight in levels against the undead with your hero’s talents and powers.

Idle Breaker android

Are you ready for the challenge of defeating the undead to find your way out of pursuit? They will try to surround you to attack and turn you into a wandering zombie. So you and the female warrior will be determined to destroy them and try to preserve yourself. By collecting essential resources, you can exchange them for equipment. Besides, killing zombies will help you get power upgrade rewards. Finally, conquer the survival challenges and save as many people as possible. Download Idle Breaker MOD APK to rush out from the surrounding waves of zombies and try to survive.

How to Download & Install Idle Breaker MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/VIP Unlocked) for Android


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