RTS Siege Up! MOD APK (Unlocked/Unlimited resources) 1.1.106r10

Updated on 08/05/2023 (1 month ago)
NameRTS Siege Up! APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked/Unlimited resources
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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RTS Siege Up! MOD APK Infomation
  • V1

– Cheats are activated

– Ads are disabled

  • V2: Unlimited Resources

RTS Siege Up game with a story about the Middle Ages and the wars to defend the border of the country. Players build strongholds, soldiers, and have a long strategy against invasions. As the leader has the command and control over everything, the player needs to maintain the economy, the army is always strong. Things that complement each other help make your country grow rapidly. In any case, it is difficult to avoid clashes from happening. But if your country has economic potential, the military also helps to remove the danger from smaller countries. You learn more about a lot of things in the game mode of RTS Siege Up.

Build a stronghold with many constructions such as barracks, soldiers. The addition of walls is another way of adding a layer of protection to your headquarters. Combined with soldiers, the wall is a relatively sure way of protection to increase defense strength. In a fine day, troops will invade and destroy everything you have built. They often come when you don’t expect them to, be ready for any situation to happen.

RTS Siege Up mod

Download RTS Siege Up! MOD – Turn your country into a superpower

RTS Siege Up automatically saves all data, you do not lose the effort you spent in this tactical gameplay. Even after exiting the game, progress is reserved absolutely to help players feel secure to develop their stronghold. Along with the construction of the military system, the exploitation of resources is also very important to pay attention. The budget to spend in every activity is based on the amount of money you gather resources around. RTS Siege Up simulates the job of running the country in all aspects. As the leader, with the highest authority, you also have a lot to think about.

RTS Siege Up mod download


Cavalry, archers, and melee combat are key components of the RTS Siege Up’s military system. They have the role of protecting the territory as well as the stronghold against all external threats. Not only defense, the player can also order soldiers to declare war on other strongholds. In addition to soldiers, RTS Siege Up also has some powerful combat options such as warships, catapults to destroy walls or other fortified structures.

Economic development

To bring the economy up, you need to expand more buildings such as farms, shipyards … But first, players must increase the population shock by building more houses. The country is difficult to grow if the population is small but should not let the population go out of control. Fishing, fishing and many other activities help the country develop to a new height. Increasing people’s awareness and their qualifications through the opening of education centers.

RTS Siege Up mod apk

Defense system

Not only depends on the soldiers, but RTS Siege Up also needs a fixed defense system. Arranging towers in key positions helps you observe enemies and spot them more easily. Since then, the deployment of more troops when something goes wrong also increases efficiency.

New land

RTS Siege Up does not show the entire map. If you want to know in advance the new lands you need to deploy troops to move to the location you want. The obscuring clouds open up and you will see the place. Sometimes it’s the territory of another country, a war is unavoidable. As mentioned from the beginning, RTS Siege Up not only for players to face defensive warfare, but you can also declare war on any country you want.

RTS Siege Up mod android

RTS Siege Up gives you a holistic view of running a country. We have to develop economically but also be skillful in diplomacy so that we do not get caught in unwanted wars. Once you have strong resources in all aspects, expand your territory if you want. Download RTS Siege Up mod attacks and many problems of the country waiting for you to handle.

Download RTS Siege Up! MOD APK (Unlocked/Unlimited resources) for Android

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