Idle Breaker MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier/VIP Unlocked) 1.1.1

Updated 11/02/2024 (3 weeks ago)
MOD Infomation

V1: [ Player Menu ]
Fast Harvesting Speed
Harvest Any Material
Instant Destroy Materials
Survior Battle Pass
Elite Battle Pass
Damage Multiplier
Vip User
Removed Ads
Unlimited Branch
Unlimited Wood
Unlimited Wooden Plank
Unlimited Metal
Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Plastic
Unlimited Engine
Unlimited Tire
Unlimited Bolts
Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Speedup Ticket
Unlimited Fabric
Unlimited Platinum key
Unlimited Gold key
Unlimited Rubber
Unlimited Glass
Unlimited Hand Wheel
Unlimited Flashlight
Unlimited Silver key
Unlimited Gas
Unlimited Fuse
Unlimited Coil
Unlimited Pipe
Unlimited Weapon scrap
Unlimited Boot scrap
Unlimited Gloves scrap
Unlimited Pants scrap
Unlimited Random scrap
Unlimited Shirt scrap
Unlimited Ultimate scrap
Unlimited Boots token
Unlimited Gloves token
Unlimited Pants token
Unlimited Shirt token
Unlimited Weapon token
Unlimited Angle Grinder
Unlimited Armor Blueprint
Unlimited Crankshaft
Unlimited Blue Keycard
Unlimited Motor
Unlimited Paint Gun
Unlimited Rugged Wheels
Unlimited Supercharger
Unlimited Welding Torch
Unlimited Wrench
Unlimited Ceramics
Unlimited Crude Oil
Unlimited Duct Tape
Unlimited Electronic parts
Unlimited Hydraulic Fluid
Unlimited Junk
Unlimited Light Bulb
Unlimited Metal Bars
Unlimited Circuit Board
Unlimited Mounting Plate
Unlimited Paint
Unlimited Piston
Unlimited Sandpaper
Unlimited Suspension Parts
Unlimited Welding Fuel
Unlimited Wires
Unlimited Gold Bracelet
Unlimited Control Module
Unlimited Gear
Unlimited Shaft
Unlimited Stator
Unlimited Power Switch
Unlimited Train Control Unit
Unlimited Orange Keycard
Unlimited Perk Booster
Unlimited Drill Bit
Unlimited Whetstone


  • You can get free stuff without watching ads;
  • Removed display of banner ads.

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Slow download speed?

Install and set up the settings, choose one of the 2 options as shown below, then turn on the connection and then perform the download again.

Cant login when using MOD?

  • With Facebook, you just need to delete the Facebook application and then go to the game to log in again.
  • If you sign in via Google, you need to Root. (Not recommended)

Banned for using MODs?

Using the MOD can get you banned, which is something you have to accept with some online games. However, you can use a secondary account or play multiple accounts side-by-side with Parallel Space Pro.