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NameHuman Resource Machine APK
PublisherTomorrow Corporation
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Human Resource Machine has the style of puzzle-solving games involving programmers. A game that challenges your brain intelligence must work with great frequency. You will play an employee’s role in a large company with many challenges that the puzzle presents. Programming sounds complex, right, but it’s simply puzzle solving. Becoming a programmer will go through stages from easy to complex, each at different levels. When the player enters, each room has prepared materials to solve the puzzle. You will follow the manager’s suggestion to find the right path for yourself.

The feeling of being in a famous company is excellent, promotion is even more classy. When you join the Human Resource Machine, you will get those two things by solving puzzles. First, you need to pay a little attention through the turns to understand programming and use it fluently. If you do well, your boss will reward and promote you as soon as possible. I am proud to climb to a high position in the company, worthy of what I have spent. Your brain probably has to work at total capacity to conquer this challenge. Show your programming ability, and rise to the top with your strength in Human Resource Machine.

Human Resource Machine mod

Download Human Resource Machine mod – become a talented programmer

A game for those who are known as nerds who love programming. The machines in the room give you tasks, numbers, and letters. Players use their thinking and knowledge to arrange them logically, creating the perfect programming. Players can choose a good candidate as soon as they enter the game. A series of anonymous programmers appear, you will choose one according to your feelings. The employee you select will be with you throughout your hard work. Characters are available, materials are fully equipped, go inside each small room to solve the puzzle!

Human Resource Machine apk

Run the puzzle solver

The most crucial task in Human Resource Machine is to solve puzzles with numbers and letters. The challenge requires real skill and quick gear-shifting to put the data in the right place. The process of you moving from the In range to the Out range needs to be fast, after the allotted time, you fail. The puzzles are unpredictable with each level on the pre-drawn map. Each room is a separate puzzle, the programming service features are also innovative. Every time you increase a story, a new shortcut will appear, use them flexibly to set it up successfully. It would help if you were prepared to run the program because the difficulty level increases rapidly.

Human Resource Machine apk free

Become a talented employee

Programming is both complex and easy but extremely enjoyable for bookworms. A talented employee is always respected, becoming a shining example for the company’s departments. The knowledge you have about programming will make you the best employee in the game. At the same time, you need to build relationships with colleagues who have difficulties having their support. Players can try to feel what a top employee is like, wherever they go, they will be praised. If you want to do that, you only need to practice every day, gradually your programming level will improve. In Human Resource Machine will always welcome and support potential employees in the industry.

Human Resource Machine android

Easy promotion in a big company

From the fact that you are a talented employee, the opportunity to be promoted is too easy. Becoming a super-class programmer with the code and running the program is what you are expecting? As long as you want, Human Resource Machine will help you and encourage you to participate. The gray matter, time, and effort you put in when solving the puzzle will be rewarded. When you reach the super level, the game does not hesitate to give you an upgrade mode. Just work hard, work hard through the days, and a promotion day will come. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly, making you surprised, not believing that you have done it.

Human Resource Machine mod apk

Human Resource Machine breaks a bit of the traditional puzzle game. Instead of solving puzzles by finding objects, exiting, or answering questions, programming replaces that old version. The desire to become a full-time employee of a notorious enterprise is gradually opening its way to you. It’s even better if you love programming or want to spend time learning about it. Countless puzzles are set up, the higher the level, the more complex the puzzle. The person in charge of the room will judge you, whether that person’s happiness or irritation depends on your programming. Download Human Resource Machine mod, transform into a bright employee in the field of programming.

Download Human Resource Machine APK for Android

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