Merge AirPlane MOD APK (High money) 2.37.02

Updated 10/02/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameMerge AirPlane APK
MOD FeaturesHigh money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge AirPlane

The unified puzzle game genre is storming the gaming community. Merge AirPlane is no exception when it comes to a version of the game that merges planes. Start with a small plane on a mini dock. Step by step development brings the latest design aircraft to the track. Become an aviation tycoon with the rarest and most exclusive aircraft versions. At the beginning, the player is provided with a basic plane of yellow-orange color. After receiving an additional yellow box. Unlocking the player can get an identical plane. Move the second one to the first one to merge them.

After fused with a new plane, the player press and hold to drag them onto the track. The track is an arc around the hangar area. Mark the first and middle points of the arc with arrows. Each time an airplane runs through this roundabout, the player can collect a certain amount of gold. At the bottom of the track, there are also three support keys. One key supports doubling the aircraft’s speed. A green square has the shape of a gold coin, and the number is the total amount of gold collected. And a button leads to the store, where many models and items of aircraft are for sale.

Merge AirPlane apk free

Download Merge AirPlane mod – Merge planes and earn money from cargo transfers

In addition to merge operations, Merge AirPlane also provides elements that require side missions. Players can complete these extra requirements to replenish and earn more purple diamonds or gold coins. To fuse two planes together. The player needs to get two identical planes. Then just press and hold on the second plane, then bring it up to touch the first plane. They are then magnified through a fusion under thunder. We officially welcome a new aircraft design. Emits a striking white light, with the aircraft’s serial number on the sides of the wings.

60 aircraft models

Each time the player combines two planes, there will be a newer version from appearance to function. Therefore, Merge AirPlane has provided up to 60 different aircraft models. Let players discover other unique designs. Private planes come from many different countries. The moss green airplane model has the Japanese flag symbol on it. Blue fighter with missile systems on the wings. The plane is covered with a paint that resembles a honey bee with two yellow and black stripes. Purple plane with yellow thunderbolts on wings and tail. Various colors.

Merge AirPlane mod apk

Rotation luck

After opening a certain number of planes, the player can open the wheel of fortune. It has the icon of a circle with a black border with colored bands on it. Upon completing the requirements and challenges, players can get free spins. Just click on the circle to spin and rotate it. Additional bonuses and boosters can be obtained here. There are also reputation rankings. Just click on the yellow cup image above the wheel. The player opens a leaderboard showing the names of the players with the highest level in the game. To enroll there, you need to open a lot of new aircraft models.

Merge AirPlane mod

Parking expansion

At the beginning, the player only has four small square parking spaces on the screen. Each of these squares is a parking space for an aircraft. After having earned the amount of money and purple diamonds. Plus the need for more airplane parking space because players need a place to wait for the turns to be put on the floor. The cursor needs to click on the purple square with the plus sign above it. The player who meets and pays the required amount is to have an extra blue square to park the plane. In addition, whenever the player does not have two different planes, it is possible to purchase more of the same aircraft. Enter the store and order, they are packaged in a yellow crate that is transported and dropped into your parking lot.

Merge AirPlane android

Keep track of the required task using the task panel in the left corner of the screen. Besides, up to a certain level, players can also open a number of support activities. Double the flight speed of the plane to shorten the flight time. Or the support button to increase money has a picture of a pile of gold coins next to the quest button. It helps the player to increase the bonus amount by 100% in one round of the plane. Participate in freight forwarding activities to enhance your company’s business value. Download Merge AirPlane mod fusion and put the planes on the fierce race to earn more money.

How to Download & Install Merge AirPlane MOD APK (High money) for Android


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