Jewel relics MOD APK (Auto win) 1.37.0

Updated 29/09/2023 (3 days ago)
NameJewel relics APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Jewel relics MOD APK

Jewel relics is a unique puzzle game that brings an interesting experience to players. Players use their thinking ability to be able to overcome the challenges of the game. Explore ancient ruins and discover the long-held treasures of the Pharaohs. The game is designed with an attractive historical and ancient context. Yellow medieval stone slabs simulate towers in the distance. People nowadays tend to learn how people lived in ancient times. This is done by excavating artifacts from ancient times. Now you are doing the same thing by participating in this exploration.

In addition to the fascinating storyline given into the opening of the game. Attractive gameplay is also a strong point that attracts players to this game. At the beginning, there is a beautiful girl to guide you to access the game in the easiest way. She wears ancient Egyptian clothes, wearing a white fur coat. Flat bangs with blue teardrop headband. Following her moves will help you easily grasp the gameplay of Jewel relics. In addition to the white hand-shaped instructions, a notice board in white letters written on a yellow background appeared at the bottom.

Jewel relics mod

Download Jewel relics mod – Puzzle game to discover mysteries from the time of the ultimate Pharaoh

The gameplay of Jewel relics is relatively simple and familiar to players. On the screen appeared a table of colorful gems mixed. The player’s job is to move three gems of the same color together to collect them. There are many accompanying missions as a premise for passing this level and adding more drama to the game. The more points you collect, the more gold coins you can exchange. Because the number of jewel moves in each level is also limited. Players need to make smart moves to avoid wasting turns. If you have an excess of moves, you can exchange them for bonus points at the end of the game.

Jewel relics mod apk

1500 levels

With a huge treasure of levels, players are free to explore. Jewel relics brings many levels of play that also creates an addictive feeling for players. Once a level has been passed, the player wants to continue playing the next level. And so on, prolonging the chain of curiosity and desire to make players pass these games. The stones are colorful and beautiful. The red ruby ​​has a pointed tip with a diamond symbol inside. The blue stone has a rounded square shape with an S symbol in the middle. Or the yellow stone is round, the green stone is triangular, or purple is hexagonal.

Jewel relics apk

Level challenge

With more than 1500 levels, the corresponding challenges will also be diverse and different. Each challenge has a certain difficulty, increasing from small to large screen. In addition to collecting colored beads, players also have to find pieces of stone carved with ancient symbols. They are hidden under the other gems, the player must open all the stones to get them. Or when the gems are surrounded by a thick layer of rock, requiring the player to move adjacent stones. They can also be locked by one or two layers of iron chains crisscrossing each other. Sometimes there are iron squares as an obstacle in the middle, causing the area to die without impact.

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Collect Artifacts

In addition to collecting precious gems, the artifacts that exist here are also an attraction for players. There are artifacts integrated into the game, requiring players to find ways to collect. Or they can also be stored in gift chests in the corners of the stone table. For example, the paper with the handwriting of the ancients recorded the history. Or precious potions are delicately carved, with the body plated with gold. The mummies were tightly wrapped in towels, lying neatly in the grave. There are also decorative objects in ancient times that retain their shapes, such as water jugs, bowls, plates, cups, and cups,…

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Players are completely assured because Jewel relics also provide help. If there are difficulties during the game, players can use them. For example, hitting a golden hammer can destroy a gem. Or the color ball will turn all the balls of the same color into the color of your choice. There are also special stones that the player arranges in a special way. With four stones arranged in a square can turn into a flying scarab. Download Jewel relics mod to participate in the puzzle to discover medieval artifacts.

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