Galaxy Ninja: Amaze 3D Runner MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 1.1.7

Updated 20/11/2023 (1 week ago)
NameGalaxy Ninja: Amaze 3D Runner APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Galaxy Ninja: Amaze 3D Runner

Become the leader among the strongest in the galaxy at Galaxy Ninja: Amaze 3D Runner. Powerful epic monsters and heroic fighting characters are the primary colors for a colorful picture. You will transform into a romantic being dragged into a multiverse-level war. Try to avoid the creatures that are running to take your life. Death traps are everywhere that will take the life of careless people. Exceedingly terrible bosses with outstanding resistance and abundant damage will make for real nightmares. Precious treasures that will make anyone worthy of a champion.

The extremely high tempo of the supporting characters, when they attack you in a hurry, will make you practice excellent reflexes and perform a series of actions quickly. This will invisibly cause pressure on the players, but of course, the pressure will create diamonds. You progress when the levels are more complex, and the rewards will be more attractive. Although those who want to attack you are incredibly numerous and fearless, they also have disadvantages. Because the machine controls them, they will not be too bright and the resistance is not high, so take advantage of that to pass the screen.

Galaxy Ninja Amaze 3D Runner mod apk free min

Download Galaxy Ninja: Amaze 3D Runner mod apk – The intergalactic war of a genius warrior and the masterminds behind it all

The samurai and the ninja were two giant symbols of ancient Japanese society. They are both famous in different ways and it seems that these are two warriors with very different fighting styles. Suppose the shinobi are renowned for their shocking assassinations and the ability to escape and hide like shadow assassins. In that case, the samurai warriors go to war with extreme honor. If they lose the battle, they will choose an honorable death or decide to become a romantic. But that’s just based on what legend tells us and we haven’t witnessed or seen them go into battle.

Galaxy Ninja Amaze 3D Runner mod min

Unique creatures and a cross between the two styles

You come from the depths of the forest and have been practicing for many years. You’ve learned to approach and have a pretty good sympathy for people. The first place to raise you is a stronghold of ninjas in the mountains. They have taught you all the deadliest techniques and treat you like a loyal disciple. After a long time, you leave to search for new challenges. The samurai army is the next choice; according to your experience, you have become one of the best warriors. Although you have an advantage due to the fox’s extreme agility and sharpness, everyone is very proud of you.

Galaxy Ninja Amaze 3D Runner free min

Signs of sudden appearance and phase shift

Suddenly one day, space was torn apart and the atmosphere became anomalous. Some dark force has invaded and wants to swallow the Earth. Vast galaxies appear before our eyes and are closer to ancient humans than ever before. A pull like a giant black hole sucked in the mighty warriors. No one can resist that and all are transported to a highly foreign place. Many people died after the trip and only you survived. Before you could regain your senses after a scary journey, a roaring sound tore through the sky, waking you up.

Galaxy Ninja Amaze 3D Runner mod apk min

Against the rulers of the multiverse

A series of scary tech robots rush at you at a deadly speed. They do not speak fluently and attack you violently. Do not let them down. You immediately respond. Your weapons are potent and can cut through steel like a small piece of paper. But the deeper you go, the more difficult it becomes. There are a lot of bosses at the top of a certain level and you have no choice but to defeat them.

Galaxy Ninja Amaze 3D Runner mod free min

Special equipment and skills

Of course, long-term combat was impossible with only weapons that came from humanity. Therefore, you will have equipment to enhance your ability to fight. It has a very similar shape to the objects you have used before so it will be straightforward for you to get used to. There are also extraordinary suits that make working in outer space more effective, and they can all be upgraded to become more powerful items. Defeat all the bosses and find the hidden truth at Galaxy Ninja: Amaze 3D Runner mod apk.

How to Download & Install Galaxy Ninja: Amaze 3D Runner MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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