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Introduce MOD APK Hidden Hotel

Welcome to a mysterious object hunting game experience. The game is called Hidden Hotel. This is a game of the puzzle genre combined with an attractive storyline. Your brain will be freed when participating in this game. Enjoying the feeling of being a true detective has never been so easy. The game offers players a series of new quests. You will be the one who decodes countless mysteries. Find and collect hidden treasures from many years ago. You will not be able to put your phone down while playing Hidden Hotel. Because the clues you are looking for providing an attraction that cannot be expressed in words.

The plot of the game revolves around small stories about hotel renovations. Use your observation skills to solve puzzles. The purpose is to receive rewards for hotel redecoration. The game has many levels. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty level. At the same time as the levels increase, you will have the opportunity to unlock more locations. The map of the game is a large hotel. Players will explore in order of each room from simple to complex. Then you can meet the characters of each room and learn their own stories.

Hidden Hotel mod

Download Hidden Hotel mod – Hunting for mysterious objects

The game opens with an epic storyline. The developments of the story take place in the beautiful city of Miami. You play the role of the heir to a family with a rich business tradition. Your grandfather owned a large hotel but went missing. During the past 7 years, despite the help of people, technology and mass media, this disappearance remains a mystery. One day, you receive a letter from the butler Oliver, who is managing your grandfather’s hotel.

Hidden Hotel mod android

After reading the letter you will know that you have received the inheritance of the hotel from your grandfather. At the same time, Oliver also expressed his desire for you to come to the hotel and take over it. Derived from a love for your grandfather, you decide to fly to Miami. This place marks a big turning point in your life. You will use your intelligence and ultimate gaming abilities to win the levels. Also, bring back rewards for renovating the hotel. This hotel called Hidden Hotel was officially revived from here.

Hidden Hotel mod apk

New puzzle style

Hidden Hotel gives players new experiences thanks to unique gameplay. This is gameplay about finding mysterious objects in pictures. Each level will admire a special picture. In these pictures, there will be many different themes. There is a multitude of details shown here. Depending on the difficulty level of the level you are playing, you will have to solve 6-10 puzzles. The task that the game offers is to find the required objects hidden in the pictures. The game requires players to be able to observe meticulously and persevere. Not only that, but the game also regulates time, so you also need to be agile.

Hidden Hotel mod free

Detailed search

Hidden details are always updated and refreshed continuously at each level. The clues from simple to complex are arranged in a logical and scientific manner. Increased difficulty means that these details are drawn more finely and difficult to find. However, the game is not difficult at all, but on the contrary, it also creates a high sense of addiction for players. This is because time combos and search engines are available to assist you. To speed up progress and search speed you can use support clocks. And there are thousands of interesting search modes waiting for you in the game.

Hidden Hotel mod download

Unique interior design

You can hardly find a game with unique designs like in Hidden Hotel. The designers of the game have focused heavily on the visuals. Thanks to that, the player has the opportunity to become a talented designer. Hidden Hotel is a large and famous hotel so the game offers you hundreds of different style options. From the smallest items such as mops, bowls, chopsticks,… to big things like signs, kitchens, living rooms,… are sketched authentically to millimeters. For each table, you will receive a star. This effect star helps you to change something in the house.

Hidden Hotel mod 1

Hidden Hotel is a unique game. The game will bring you great relaxation moments. Not only that, it also helps you to bond your friends and relatives when playing this game together. The game uses special 3D graphics. The rooms are designed with sophistication and style of your own. Download Hidden Hotel mod to explore the game in search of mysterious hidden objects.

How to Download & Install Hidden Hotel MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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