Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) 0.23.67

Updated 29/03/2023 (6 months ago)
NameHero’s Quest: Automatic RPG APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG MOD APK

When monsters appear, it is always the heroes who stand up and destroy them. That is the law to protect the peace of people from the dangers around. We will never surrender to a cruel fate and always resist it. With Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG, this will be what heroes should do. They will fight until the monsters are wiped out from this world. Use your divine power to save humanity.

Role-playing games have been around for a long time in the market and occupy an important part. It is increasingly improved and becomes more attractive with high graphics. But with Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG, following an old path is not a boring thing. Even with this kind of graphics and autoplay, it can beat many other games. Possessing a dark and deep storyline that shows the developer’s interest. Bringing true value to those who need quality.

Heros Quest Automatic RPG mod free

Download Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG mod – Fight to become stronger and stronger

Improving your own strength is extremely important for heroes. So you need to help your character achieve a great power threshold. This will be done by sending them deep into dangerous lands. Here you will be fighting with many different types of monsters. However, they will not be able to attack you as usual actively. You will control your character to choose any opponent you want. The character will automatically attack when it is his turn and fight until the enemy falls. Keep going until you get the final victory and get valuable treasures.

When the enemy or boss has been defeated, you will collect a certain amount of gold. This gold can be used to upgrade your own strength. Do whatever you can to become even stronger. Buy high-value items to equip yourself and increase your fighting power. The stronger the monster, the greater the amount received.

Heros Quest Automatic RPG mod download

Big world

The vast world of Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG is divided into different maps. Every time you reach a certain power threshold and complete a mission, a new map will be opened. Players can move to different maps using portals. Maps will be recreated with unique landscapes and terrains. Frozen lands, dense forests, or dark caves will create a certain variety. Each place contains a specific type of monster living in large numbers. To prepare to go further, build your strength well. Complete all the missions to reach new lands.

Heros Quest Automatic RPG mod apk

Many items to unlock

In addition to leveling up for yourself, you also need to find yourself good equipment. If leveling up will give you basic stats, the equipment will increase a certain stat. They will be divided into helmets, armor, weapons, cloaks, and rings. These items will give you damage, defense, HP, along a few other abilities. The higher the attributes, the more terrible their parameters. You can earn these by completing quests. Killing big bosses is also a way to get good equipment for yourself. The more you study hard, the faster your character will get stronger.

Heros Quest Automatic RPG mod android

Equip the relics

The power of the gods who had come to the human world was preserved in treasures. They are called relics that contain boundless power. Those who obtain the relic will possess a certain privilege that it brings to themselves. With our heroes, in addition to the equipment, they also need to have their own relics. You can buy these relics in the store for a reasonable price. Relics can only provide a certain ability like equipment. But the numbers it delivers are horrendous. The scarce relics will make you dangerous on the battlefield.

Discover thousands of mysteries created in Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG mod. Not only do you have to control a single character, but you can also choose anyone you want. There are a total of six different character classes with their special attributes. The gameplay of each of these characters will also vary based on what they do. When playing, you will have to get used to and adapt to what you have. Find the right equipment that will help you maximize your combat power.

How to Download & Install Hero’s Quest: Automatic RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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