Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense MOD APK (Menu, Increase Damage) 2.4.5

Updated 25/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameHero Royale: PvP Tower Defense APK
PublisherType Ten Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu, Increase Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense

The enemies are getting more robust, and you will be the most incredible Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense. Build the most powerful armies under the ownership of the royal family. Summon the most muscular units to have enough strength to resist the enemy’s expansion. They cannot carry out their plans while you are here. Wisdom will defeat the superiority of numbers and create a solid wall. If no one else can do it, you will do it yourself. That was the responsibility of a king full of power and with the spirit of a warrior.

Tower defense is the type of game that makes us try our best to win. Both intelligence and agility will have to be maximized for each level. Now Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense will make you try harder to gain strength. Just ordinary battles but filled with variety. A chessboard is set up so you can control your minions. The careful calculation is the most important thing for us to gain an advantage. Show your bravery to prove the power of the royal family.

Hero Royale PvP Tower Defense mod

Download Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense mod – Create a royal defense

Your kingdom is in danger of being attacked and destroyed by filthy creatures. So you need to make the most of what you have to prevent their purpose. Before starting the match, put your units in the chessboard squares. These units will attack all enemies that pass by continuously. If the firepower is strong enough, we can finish them before reaching the castle gate. Try not to let the enemy touch the solid gate. You can strengthen other units by collecting bounties from fallen enemies. Later on, they will become more and more dangerous, so be very careful.

Combat units

Your combat units will consist of main heroes along with supporters. The heroes will be the first to appear on the field under your arrangement. They will directly oppose the advancing enemies with all their abilities. After having a lot of bonuses, you can summon support units. These units will help boost your damage even further. During the battle, you can swap positions for departments with each other. Combine the unique attack methods of each side to get a complete whole. Brings stability against massive waves of enemies coming your way.

Hero Royale PvP Tower Defense mod free


You can play CO-OP, a mode that allows you to cooperate with other players. You and your companions will build the strongest squad together. Then fight back against the invasions with a much higher level of terror than usual. Support each other to create a significant advantage in great defenses. Of course, the rewards received will be huge for your victories. Learn new experiences from working together. It will also be a lot more fun than having to play alone. Find more friends to join here soon.

Hero Royale PvP Tower Defense mod apk

Upgrade the cards

Your warrior cards can all be upgraded to increase your strength every day. We will use the bonuses earned to strengthen the level with these cards. The higher the group, the more materials needed. But in return, you will get a lot of valuable stats to serve your goals. Bring these units to more incredible battles in Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense mod.

How to Download & Install Hero Royale: PvP Tower Defense MOD APK (Menu, Increase Damage) for Android


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