Going Deeper! MOD APK 0.4.5b (Unlocked sandbox)

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NameGoing Deeper! APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked sandbox
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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We all want to give more of our possessions and develop more. Going Deeper! is the place that will allow you to do that extremely easily. Let’s start building a military colony controlled and led by yourself. Train and produce the most elite and brave soldiers. Explore and conquer all places to expand your territory and resources. Become the most powerful military man of all time with huge ambitions.

Going Deeper! Built on the foundation of a simple but addictive strategy game. Ambition is what will take you further in this calculating game. The characters in the game are built like chess pieces. There are no complicated actions or colourful animations. There is only one world with a gloomy colour of war covering everything. Everything is intelligently connected.

Going Deeper mod

Download Going Deeper! mod – Develop your powerful colony

If you have never tried this genre before, let’s start with the simplest things. You will be sent to manage a war colony of your own. Here you will have to protect and expand it to become stronger than ever. Find your human resources to start the most basic jobs. Find and exploit valuable resources everywhere. Fight against dangerous enemies around the territory. All will have specific annotations for you to see and follow effectively. Persistence is being able to achieve great successes as desired quickly.

Going Deeper mod free

Mysterious world

The land you come to has a lot of potentials that has never been known. If you exploit these things well, you can develop things very quickly. It will be divided into six different layers, with two main floors being surface and underground. The surface has only a single layer with normal resources. The ground is more special with the division into five distinct layers with many precious minerals. It is necessary to make use of both tiers to be able to optimise the resources earned. Invest in underground exploration trips to collect more things needed for your technology. Feel free to explore these unlimited things.

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Building human resources

Human resources are the most important factor leading you to success and realizing your goals. You will start with five people and divide the necessary tasks among them. Each person will take on a different task, such as resource extraction, farming, or construction. If you define your goals well, everything will go faster. Can recruit new migrants to work for you. The more people, the easier it is to scale up. Citizens can perform a variety of difficult jobs. As long as you meet the conditions, you will be able to work non-stop.

Against the enemy

Construction must always be accompanied by protecting the achievements that you have for good. Threats are always looking for opportunities to sabotage your peace and facilities. The biggest danger is the enemies living outside your comfort zone. They can launch attacks at any time you don’t expect. Causing heavy destruction with great casualties if not prevented in time. The training and arrangement of the army is an essential element. Equip them with good weapons and items to be able to fight against numerous and powerful enemies. Lead your army to victory in the most arduous wars.

Going Deeper mod apk

Exchange and trade

Trade has long been the way to promote the growth of great empires. Your colony is no exception, with exchanges taking place regularly. Two years is not real-time but a certain amount of time in the game. Specifically, there will be a merchant with valuable items coming here to exchange goods. -When he is present, you will find a few limited things not found anywhere else. These can bring various benefits to many fields. Try to accumulate enough resources so as not to miss valuable things in the exchanges. Take advantage of the open school; you will be the strongest.

You will have a total of three different playstyles: campaign, survival, and sandbox. Each mode has its own rules you must follow if you want to win. Regularly change the style of play to be able to diversify your skills. Don’t worry, Going Deeper! The mod always saves your game progress.

Download Going Deeper! MOD APK (Unlocked sandbox) for Android

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