Hero Rescue MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts) 1.3.0

Updated 20/03/2024 (2 months ago)
NameHero Rescue APK
PublisherSuper Game Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hearts
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Hero Rescue

This is the most famous puzzle game in the world in recent times. Hero Rescue is a series of challenging puzzles that challenge the smartest players. Can you help the hero achieve his goal? Your intelligence and perseverance will be shown in this game. Get ready for breathtaking puzzle moments. Sometimes the most relaxing and funniest there is in Hero Rescue. If you’re really a fan of puzzle games, you’ve come to the right place. Now let’s see what trouble our hero has.

It seems that you can recognize the gameplay of Hero Rescue will be similar to the puzzle games of the past. Partly true because this game has inspired so many different titles. Gathered into a journey of a clumsy hero. People will often get into trouble and have to wait for your help. With each level, he will be entangled in a different problem. You have to solve puzzles to help him get out of dangerous situations. Or get the benefits on your side. It all depends on your intelligence.

Hero Rescue mod

Download Hero Rescue mod – Protect clumsy heroes

The hero rescue will take place throughout the game. Because of the nature of the game’s name is Hero Rescue. We also won’t see the hero going against anyone. On the contrary, you must ask for my help. Anyway, let’s ignore it and learn about the puzzles in the game. We will solve puzzles in the form of pushing and pulling different iron bars. Pulling this iron will cause something to fall and vice versa. The game requires us to let our hero touch or avoid something. When you do that, it will be counted as completing the level.

The puzzles are varied, including finding treasure, avoiding terrifying enemies, and finding the right exit. All these puzzles will revolve around mazes and iron bars only. Completing a puzzle will be a refreshing and satisfying feeling.  However, it does not cause boredom and loss of interest for players. On the contrary, it also makes players feel more excited and interesting. Their difficulty will also increase gradually, so you need to be careful with your every move. Just a little wrong can fail at any time.

Hero Rescue mod free

Interesting main quest

Although all puzzles involve mazes and iron bars, not all levels will have the same purpose. Some levels will require you to find treasure and avoid obstacles. There is a game screen that requires you to bring the hero close to the princess to complete. Even complicated levels require you to destroy demons. All will have their own distinctive character. Repeat in certain situations to feel familiar. Completing this level will lead us to another connected level. Quite logical and easy to understand for players of all ages.

Hero Rescue mod apk

Accomplish milestones

Every 10 to 20, 50 levels will be a different milestone. These milestones are for players to see how far they have come. There are 100 levels in each challenge. Through each certain milestone will help you receive more gifts. Those can be support items that help you solve puzzles faster. Maybe it’s just an incentive to help you pass the next level. In general, creating milestones will make players mentally ready to complete the game. Don’t create a feeling of boredom and give up after just a few hard sessions.

Unique combinations

The puzzle process is one of the moments that players find the most fun. It is because of the excitement and drama in each move. We will have to calculate how the lava can meet the water and completely evaporate. Burn the monster to death or any other way to make the hero safe. Sometimes doing the right thing but accidentally dragging the hero into a dangerous position. All levels are considered to be dissolved and have to start over. It is also one of the unique attractions that no other game can do as perfectly as Hero Rescue.

Hero Rescue mod apk free

There is no denying the popularity of puzzle games in recent times. It not only helps stimulate the player’s thinking. It can also create cool ideas like no other. Let’s see who can finish the puzzles as soon as possible!  Hero Rescue mod is a suitable starter challenge to test your intelligence!

How to Download & Install Hero Rescue MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts) for Android


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