Hellopet House MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.8.1

Updated 23/02/2021 (3 years ago)
NameHellopet House APK
PublisherAppxplore (iCandy)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Hellopet House

Hellopet House is the game for you to nurture lovely pets in the house. The player will play the role of a lovely hostess with the mission of turning the house into a splendid mansion. The workload is so much if you want to fulfil your dream to restore the best state to your home. In the game, there are many pets that will accompany you on every difficult journey. Get things done in the fastest way to complete Hellopet House requirements. Help the lovely hostess less busy. Of course, there will be no employees or anyone else to work for you. You have to do everything yourself to make the house more spacious.

From gardening, cooking, and more, all done by Jane. She is a versatile person who can handle many different jobs. Of course, that largely depends on the player. Immersed in the natural space with a great desire to change the ruins into a home filled with happiness. Players are allowed to decide on the entire space and design according to their own ideas. My Home – Design Dreams is also a game that specializes in housing design that many people are interested in. In addition, if you want to take care of My Talking Hank pet is the suitable suggestion of GameDVA.com.

Hellopet House mod

Download Hellopet House mod – Build a happy house with pets

Hellopet House helps players master many skills. You are both a gardener, a carpenter or even a chef. A lot of work must be handled to soon bring the house to show its beauty both in exterior and interior. Jane needs to do all the work well, so your gameplay plays a big part in this journey. Clean the garden and plant some plants. Tidy up rooms in the house, throw away anything you no longer use. Craft items to decorate the house like a manor. Do the work faster to keep the condition of the pet at its best.

Hellopet House mod apk

Decorate and repair the house

At first, Hellopet House shows you an old house with a bad setting. Surely no one wants to be in such a place. But things have not ended there, players have the opportunity to change this place. You can make it impossible for people to recognize the previous state of the house. Trees, dogs and cats and your design give your home a whole new look. With the scenery close to nature, players can easily get a comfortable feeling of relaxation.

Hellopet House mod android

Take care of the pet

Dogs and cats are two adorable animals that appear in levels. They are like your trusted friends. Players need to take care of the pets to help them have a full life. Hellopet House allows you to keep large numbers of pets in the house. Therefore, feeding them, bathing, and playing with them should also be timed appropriately. You are the role model that many people dream of to have such a life. Beautify your house for a happy space for both you and your adorable animals.

Collect the key

To unlock new areas around the mansion, you need a key. It will be included in the levels so that the player can return to a busy state. Once you’ve settled into your life over the long haul, playing isn’t a good way. Just continue to work and relax is what really gives you great moments with Hellopet House. Make another area the same way you did with the house in the past. In addition, Hellopet House also allows players to meet many characters in the game screen. Each of them has interesting stories to explore.

Hellopet House mod android

Change the house from ruin, lovely pets always accompany you. Players have all the conditions to beautify the house. Bring your pet’s life to a new standard. Take care of them and participate in many other fun activities in the level system. Download Hellopet House mod to become the owner of a mansion built by yourself.

How to Download & Install Hellopet House MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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3 years ago

Please update. 3.3.1 was released so I can’t use the mod at all since it force me to update

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