Trainee Goddess MOD APK 1.3.4 (Menu/Onehit, God mode)

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NameTrainee Goddess APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Onehit, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Join the journey to find new generations of heroes in the game Trainee Goddess. The mysterious disappearance of the world’s heroes has left a big question for everyone. The world is no longer protected from heroes but must face enemies. As a goddess, you must step out to understand this mysterious disappearance and lead the world. Learn about the sudden disappearance of people who were once the pride of the peaceful planet. Train new generations of heroes so they can continue to protect this world. Get ready for the quest to uncover the mystery behind and train the world gods.

The heroes have disappeared and left the world bare under the threat of enemy attack. They used to be people who had the power to cover a peaceful world but disappeared. This caused the gods to care and move out of their territories directly. They must find the answer to the mutation and replace the heroes to protect the world. But, of course, a peaceful world must exist before everything about the heroes comes to light. Or, this is still coordination for heroes to find their way back. So become the gods and prepare clear solutions for the hero’s mysterious disappearance.

Trainee Goddess android

Download Trainee Goddess mod – Find out the mystery behind the disappearance of heroes

A world protected by heroes through the years has constantly been safely developed. But one day, the heroes suddenly no longer appear and disappear for no reason. Instead, the gods had to show up and delve into what happened. The person who could do this was reduced to the demon king, the enemy of the warriors. Or maybe they disappear to let the world know how important they are. But whatever the reason, the world still needs the goddess’ continued protection. So help the god find a new strategy to protect the world while the heroes disappear.

Trainee Goddess apk

The hero disappeared

This world has long circulated legends of mighty heroes protecting the peace. They are warriors under the control of the goddess and fight the demons. The goddess granted their power and gradually brought peace after repelling the demon king. They thought this peace would last forever, but they suddenly disappeared. The unannounced heroes simultaneously do not have any contact with the world and the goddess. There is still no evidence to say about this goddess-wide event. But the disappearance of heroes still needs to be discovered so that it can be dealt with in time.

Trainee Goddess mod apk

Protection from the goddess

After the heroes’ disappearance, the demons again returned and invaded the world. The peace that the hero protects is about to be broken and needs someone to protect it. The goddess had no choice but to stop the advancing demons directly. She had trained the previous generation of heroes, and her strength was enough to protect the world. But she still has the mystery of unexplored heroes, so she must have a strategy. Help the goddess train a new generation of heroes so that they can replace her to protect the world. The gods also needed to be created to protect her if she had terrible luck.

Trainee Goddess mod

Find the truth

The previous generation that protected the world disappeared suddenly and without a clue. The summoning of the goddess also had no effect, as there was still no response. So she has to go out on her own to find the cause of the heroes’ disappearance. The goal is to determine who caused this event, with the cause centered on the demon king. The previous enemy that the heroes fought was the most suspicious of all for this. Hit the road and use your power to fight the enemy and find the demon king. Face an ancient evil enemy and search for the truth behind the hero’s disappearance.

Trainee Goddess free 1

The disappearing hero has put the world in turmoil and danger before the enemy. The demons are in danger of returning and attacking this peaceful world at any moment. The world needs to be continued to be protected, and the goddess must personally protect the world against the demon king. Her new generation of heroes needs to be trained to take her place. She needs to stabilize the world, find the hidden hero behind the missing hero, and forge new generations of goddesses to accompany new generations of heroes. Download Trainee Goddess mod to temporarily replace heroes to protect the world and discover the truth after they disappear.

Download Trainee Goddess MOD APK (Menu/Onehit, God mode) for Android

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