Hello Candy Blast MOD APK (Auto win) 1.2.6

Updated 20/06/2023 (3 months ago)
NameHello Candy Blast APK
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Hello Candy Blast MOD APK

As a fan of sweets, you will indeed be attracted to the game Hello Candy Blast. Beautiful color interface with fruit-shaped blocks. Players will arrange blocks of the same color to remove them. The bears and the cute colorful candy are also the challenges that the player must find. You need to select blocks of the same color, blue, red, or yellow, .. to be able to make them disappear. The player can create special tools if there are more than five colored blocks. But not only that, each level has different requirements. The score will show your status; 3 stars are the highest goal you get for each Hello Candy Blast table.

In the journey of thousands of levels, you will have to face many different tasks. The game screen will be updated continuously with no limit in each version. Players must have a lot of patience and play the game regularly to pass the levels. Colorful blocks often entice players enthusiastically. With the first few levels, players will be given basic instructions on how to play. With a limited number of moves, you will not be limited in thinking time. So Hello, Candy Blast will not make you too pressured when playing. With just clever steps, you can easily pass the first levels.

screen 2 min

Download Hello Candy Blast mod- immerse yourself in the world of colors

Hello, Candy Blast will walk you through the steps, but it’s not the best choice. Players will have moves to help you score more points. Hints are only supportive when you have trouble finding the location of the colored blocks. A player may exceed the required number of issues, but not less. After deciding to move the colored blocks, you can’t move anymore. You will be converted to points if you meet the requirement before the move runs out. Beautiful colors combined with significant effects help Hello Candy Blast attract many players. Many titles are similar to Hello Candy Blast, but this game still brings a different feeling.

screen 3 min

Thousands of levels

With constantly updated levels, ensure that you will never have to wait. Besides, the difficulty of the missions also increases with the level of play. The number of color block moves will decrease, but the requirement to collect colors will increase. Not every group of Hello Candy Blast is easy to pass. But passing that level will bring great feeling. The blocks of color are beautiful but create incredible pressure. If you want to pass all the classes, the player must spend a lot of time and patience. When you come to a place with no internet connection, you can also have fun by playing this game without worrying about being interrupted.

screen 4 min

Daily rewards

Players will be given a new gift every day when logging in to Hello Candy Blast. Each donation will not be the same, changing from day to day. If you log in regularly, the facility’s value will be as high as the infinity network, etc. Sometimes you will be given an infinity play for a certain period. It will help you conquer challenging Hello Candy Blast levels many times without fear of running out of turns. Many games today require the player to have an internet connection, but Hello Candy Blast does not. Just download Hello Candy Blast to your device, and you can play the game comfortably. Make sure you won’t have to pay any extra fees to be able to play this game.

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You do not need to worry if you encounter a screen Hello Candy Blast is too tricky. In addition to the suggested moves of the game, you can use help elements. Complementary elements will work effectively if you know how to use them properly. These elements can be gifted when you log in continuously every day, or you can spend gold to buy. Gold is an item that is rewarded when passing levels or is given. Besides, Hello Candy Blast also requires players to make skillful moves, ensuring that the activities are practical. Hello, Candy Blast not only helps you relax with challenges, but it also helps you train your brain to think.

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Hello Candy Blast attracts people with images of candies and fruits. Support for more than 17 languages ​​makes Hello Candy Blast playable in many countries. This gameplay is also familiar if you have played this genre a lot. Especially if you have ever played through Hello Candy Blast and accidentally lost data, don’t worry because it is already saved when you log in to the social network. And if you have an internet connection, you can also participate in the rankings against other players. Download Hello Candy Blast mod to join the exciting battle of color blocks.

How to Download & Install Hello Candy Blast MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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