Happy Zombie Virus MOD APK (Unlimited money, stones) 1.23

Updated 06/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameHappy Zombie Virus APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, stones
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Happy Zombie Virus

Control your most powerful undead legion to attack humans in Happy Zombie Virus. Perhaps you have never seen a game that talks about the main character being a zombie instead of a human. Going against the forces of justice, the undead in Happy Zombie Virus are the real rulers. Infect in bulk to perfect your army of the undead. Explore the inside virus of the undead to create new species. Accumulate together to form a huge army of undead. Suppress and destroy all humans and their defenses.

With the undead becoming the main character, control them to infect healthy humans. They will have their biological structure changed and turn into bloodthirsty zombies. In addition, combining two identical undead will create a new, more potent variant. The more we do this, the stronger our army will be towards infecting the entire world. To do that, we first need to start destroying people from within.

Happy Zombie Virus mod

Download Happy Zombie Virus mod – Massive undead army rule the Earth

The core of the whole Happy Zombie Virus is infection and consolidation. I’ll do the infection with a basic undead. Generate more numbers by infecting healthy people. After having the same undead, start merging. Combine two identical undead to form a more vital being. This combination will take place without limits. The most important condition is just whether you have enough undead to merge or not. Once there is a particular army of undead, start the campaign to attack the place where humans live. The more people you infect, the larger and more robust your army will be.

Happy Zombie Virus mod apk

Evolving undead abilities

In addition to immortality and high durability, the undead require additional skills to increase their strength in combat. The laboratory is an important place to upgrade and unlock new powers for the undead through fighting and gaining experience and money. Use them to upgrade and unlock new skills exclusive to the undead. The skills will become stronger the higher the rank of that undead. Prepare your army of the undead with unique powers. Humans will know how to protect themselves with weapons and defense systems. It’s time to show them that the undead is no more minor. Invincible skills will surprise and infect a large number of people.

Happy Zombie Virus mod apk free

Control Continuous Battlefield

The screen in the game is divided into two distinct parts. The upper part is the battle between the undead and the humans that goes on continuously. Below is the base to produce more powerful new undead. Now focus on the area on the screen. The undead you have created will join the battlefield, fighting with the human side. Since it happens continuously and non-stop, there will be a lot of undead being destroyed and people infected. However, the undead do not always have the advantage. There will be waves of armed human attacks and boss appearances. Make sure your undead legion has enough damage to get through them all.

New Monster Variation

If the undead is still not strong enough and dangerous for humans, breed them to give them new powers. The undead will be tested and combined with many other monsters. A new species with the characteristics and strengths of both were created. Some species bring enormous size and high endurance in battle. Some species can fire many powerful missiles to destroy humanity. Depends on the enemy force you have to face. Choose the most suitable variant on the current battlefield. That also shows your command visibility is exceptionally high. Constantly inventing new forces that threaten the survival of mankind.

Happy Zombie Virus mod free

Research and clone zombies using modern technology. Breed to produce a series of mutant undead with unbeatable strength. Stop humanity’s defenses and execute a plan to infect the entire world. Happy Zombie Virus is one of the few games that take villains’ theme. Specifically, the process of cloning the undead to create his strongest army. Discover new variants to get more robust and breakthrough humanity’s defenses. Turn the Earth into a paradise of the undead. No human species is allowed to survive in Happy Zombie Virus mod.

How to Download & Install Happy Zombie Virus MOD APK (Unlimited money, stones) for Android


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