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NameCode Name: Romance Story Game APK
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Code Name: Romance Story Game is a simulation game about an attractive and passionate love. Producer has created a horror love story in the style of familiar visual novels. Play as a romantic hero in this thrilling and mysterious love. Make decisions that are inclusive and show the direction of the whole story. With so many choices, players do not know the situation and events in the future. These strategic decisions will shape you as a hero or villain in love. If the character’s dialogue is too long, click the skip button to skip it.

The story of Code Name: Romance Story Game takes place in a rather thrilling way. It is divided into several small chapters corresponding to a different story. Play the role of a cute short-haired girl who doesn’t stand out but has a female lead aura. Pursued by different princes. Each brings with it a pursuing style and emotions in many different ways. The stories have many themes of love, hatred, mystery, and suspense, … all have enough. Choose to play as one of the main characters to explore and experience each story. Every emotion of joy, anger, love, shame, and even difficulties that the characters go through.

Code Name Romance Story Game mod apk

Download Code Name: Romance Story Game mod – Join the thrilling, romantic, and mysterious love story

At the beginning, the player can choose one of the main character system of the game. Give your character a name and step into the story. Around the story will communicate with each other through chat bubbles that appear above the character’s head. Narrative sentences are projected under the screen in white text. When a character speaks, they appear on the screen and have the corresponding actions. There are “anonymous” people waiting for you that day in the form of a shadow. Players can find out who they are. A collection of victims of the disaster ten years ago form the “Doomsday” gang.

Code Name Romance Story Game apk free

Main character system

The main character system of Code Name: Romance Story Game includes 5 people. They are Adam, Dante, Owen, Aria, and you. Adam is the head of Hades Corporation. Has a charming and cold appearance like a consul. Dressed in a luxurious black fur coat and power vest. Dante is the commanding officer of the god Zeus with supreme authority. This is one of the main character defenders in the game. Owen is a mysterious man who holds many supreme secrets. With an attractive, romantic face. Aria is the villain in this game. She was surprised when she confessed to the heroine.

Code Name Romance Story Game mod

More than 200 options

Players must understand that they will play completely in their style. With careful consideration, making choices that the player feels is reasonable and beneficial for himself. Each small situation, Code Name: Romance Story Game, gives players 2-3 choices. As an otome game, after each choice, the plot changes in a direction that the player does not anticipate. With more than 200 different options, the story content of Code Name: Romance Story Game must be vast. But not every player’s choice brings a beautiful and happy ending to his character.

Code Name Romance Story Game apk

Surprise ending

With a multiple choice system, Code Name: Romance Story Game has prepared a lot of endings for its characters. Most players hope that they can go to someone they feel like. Or the happy ending opens with your character and the person you love. But achieving that is not easy. Occasionally there are Plot twishes that surprise the player and cause the story to go astray. But you have the privilege of knowing how the story unfolds between the rest of the main characters. Know that you are being chased, who is the one with good intentions. Also know the location where your character can be assassinated.

Code Name Romance Story Game android

Talk about your character, a petite girl with trendy black bob. Be the daughter of a famous spy and must stop the villain. After falling in love with Dante – the leader of the Zeus gang, you need to change your mind. He is always the first to stand up for you in difficult times. Also can collect the bulbs and purple diamonds. The lights used for the purchase hint at the next event. The purple diamonds are for buying changeable clothes for the player’s character. Download Code Name: Romance Story Game mod romantic, horror, and thrilling love story.

Download Code Name: Romance Story Game MOD APK (Menu, unlocked premium) for Android

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