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Updated on 09/12/2022 (2 months ago)
NameHappy Bubble: Shoot n Pop APK
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Coming to Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop, you will become Emma’s companion in a rather strange adventure. Adventure to explode the balls. In addition to the main task mentioned above, you will also help Emma find the things she has lost. In addition, you will clean the places you go through so that it is clean. No journey is entirely smooth. So is the adventure in Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop. You and the little girl Emma must solve thousands of puzzles along the way. But do not worry. With just a little thinking and proper coordination, you will overcome any obstacle.

Familiar but not dull, Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop will bring you the most joyful, gentle relaxation. This is a shooting game with vivid visual effects and a soft sound system. Not too noisy like many other games, the music in Happy Bubble is an effective therapy to relax. Easy to play but also comes with many challenges. To win, you must master the path of the ball. Therefore, it is necessary to practice more accuracy in aiming. Treat those glowing balls as approaching enemies and strategize to shoot them down quickly.

Download Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop mod – Experience the exciting level series

Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop is very focused on “making it difficult” for players by diversifying the challenge in each level. You can see that, at each level, the balls will be reversed, arranged, or merged according to different rules. This shuffle requires players to think a lot strategically. If you don’t break the ball before it hits the ground, you’ve lost that level. So which direction helps to destroy the most balls? Let’s think more! Passing the level is booming, but you try your best to give the maximum number of stars. The accumulated amount of stars is the key for you to open the secret chest with desirable gifts. A little hint, it could be sparkling gold coins.

Happy Bubble Shoot n Pop mod

Shoot and pop bubbles

If you’ve played similar games, you’re probably familiar with the basic rules of Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop. For the ball to burst, it is necessary to aim and hit the cluster of at least three balls of the same color. There are dozens of options for the path you shoot, but choose the way that works best. Many times, shooting straight or diagonally only destroys a few sporadic balls. At that time, a different aiming strategy was needed. For example, you can hit on the sides of the wall to create a bend to the desired point. You must take advantage of the dashed projection line that appears when aiming to have an accurate destination. You also have the right to change the ball to another color if it is not feasible for this shot.

Happy Bubble Shoot n Pop apk

Create a power booster

To help you create impressive and spectacular shots, Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop starts power-ups. This collection includes bombs, rockets, rainbow balls… If one of your attacks breaks more than 20 balls, you will get one bomb. This tool is effective in complex challenges because it can explode an extensive range regardless of color. About the rocket, you can own it if you shoot seven rows in a row. The fire arrow will help destroy all obstacles in its way. Rainbow balls can be unlocked on some levels; please pay attention to the instructions. Any color can be combined with it, so it is advantageous.

Happy Bubble Shoot n Pop mod apk

Save the duckling

There are some ducklings stuck between the balls; help Emma rescue them! Duck balls are usually located between blocks, so the outer rows of balls need to be cleared first. Depending on the game screen, the number of ducks to rescue is also different. This request appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Rescuing ducklings is also a condition to pass the level. In addition to the duckling, there are many other unique balls. For example, the white ball will copy the ball’s color adjacent to it. The deeper you go into the adventure, the more strange balls you encounter, and the number of hops also increases significantly. Try to burst all the balls with as few balls as possible.

Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop is a simple game but worth the experience in exchange for relaxing minutes. Don’t worry too much if you encounter strange symbols or objects appear. All instructions will be included on the screen. With just a little more concentration, this game definitely won’t make it difficult for you. The gifts from the happy box will be helpful to you. So don’t forget to open and collect them. Immerse yourself in a world of color and show off your peak shooting skills in Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop mod.

Download Happy Bubble: Shoot n Pop MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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