One Way: The Elevator APK 1.0.21

Updated 16/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameOne Way: The Elevator APK
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK One Way: The Elevator

One Way: The Elevator will transport you to another new world thanks to an innovative mobile elevator. A boy is sad because his mother scolds him; he can’t do what he likes, confined in a small room. When he was at his lowest, there was a long staircase that carried him to a colourful place. It leads him to an area with more pleasures than being at home. Here he is free to explore, enjoy and relax with new friends. You are taken up by the elevator; each floor you go through has different exciting things. So your every step determines the operation of the elevator, so solve the puzzle correctly to help it move forward.

The scenes and animals in the new world are drawn eye-catching, each with its colour. To get to the universe, you will help the guy get rid of the sadness in his own house. You put the pieces together to form a complete picture; unfortunately, you just finished the puzzle, and the mother found out. His mother was angry and took the picture, so he left it upstairs, now looking for a family picture to comfort him. While searching, a hanging staircase fell, beckoning him to a new destination. The journey to find beautiful things is about to begin; join him!

One Way The Elevator mod

Download One Way: The Elevator mod – step out of sadness, open up to a brighter journey

With just a moving elevator, you can already explore the world with many good things. Seeing trees, flowers, and familiar talking animals helps you forget your sorrows. Crossing the clouds opposite you is a multi-storey house, each floor will have different scenes. To climb there, you need to solve puzzles and use precious time to do extraordinary things. When you come to this world, it’s a pity you don’t experience it all. So enjoy those sublime moments before going back to the darkroom. You will help the boy be happier, more optimistic and see this life much more beautiful.

One Way The Elevator apk free

Exciting characters make you happy again

The vibrant world and diverse animals will create a bustling atmosphere in a small neighbourhood. Elephants, octopuses, giraffes, giant worms, and flowers know human flesh. Those things are all vividly sketched, moving and challenging for you. The animals also enjoy life, learning how to make themselves happy and love life. You can see the joy; that joy also spreads to your mind, and you also automatically follow their optimism. Life also needs new experiences, finding more exciting things, and having positive energy. The characters will always accompany you, drawing a dreamy youth.

One Way The Elevator apk

The mobile elevator

The main companion on this trip is a motorised sliding elevator. It didn’t look like a modern elevator; it was more like a train. A redshirt symbolises excitement, a good opening for a long journey. It takes you to the top floor, beyond the clouds, to see the most beautiful things. It works when it is energised by the blue ball; the more balls you go further. If you don’t give it fuel, it will fall, and you’ll have to climb again. That can disrupt your exploration.

One Way The Elevator mod apk

Perform different puzzle solving

The main task in One Way: The Elevator is to solve the puzzle successfully. A series of challenges that need you to perform and complete well will have many prizes. For example, the gift is a blue ball that helps you fly higher and farther in this beautiful universe. Every time the elevator goes up, a challenge appears. Those times bring different attractions, looking around to meet the requirements. You can match pictures, do jigsaw puzzles or do anything as long as you complete the task. The challenges also gradually become more complex, requiring your brain to work at total capacity. Just do it, fail again, and you will have more experience than ever.

One Way The Elevator android

One Way: The Elevator is an entertaining puzzle game. You feel comfortable and know how to enjoy life in this new world. Although they are strangers at first, they will gradually become close friends, helping you cheer up every day. Trouble in your house temporarily forgets, drop your soul into that beautiful place. Players can both relax and exercise their brains through challenges. You will return home when you feel OK, ready to renew your old life. The things you encounter on that alien planet will always be a part of your memories. Download One Way: The Elevator mod; enjoy a fun moment with the intelligent elevator.

How to Download & Install One Way: The Elevator APK for Android


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