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Updated on 27/03/2023 (4 days ago)
NameCDO2: Dungeon Defense APK
PublisherBrave Beginners
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Become a dungeon manager and stop the heroes from attacking in CDO2: Dungeon Defense. Dungeons are places where monsters that depend on dark forces live together. Because of that, this place is considered the origin of the crimes in the human world. The heroes also continued to enter the dungeon to destroy it. Monsters could do nothing but fight back, and things went even further than before. But you won’t care about the accusations and still play a protective role. Ignore the landings of heroes, and keep your dungeon peaceful.

Humans have always believed that the inside of the dungeon is the breeding ground for the most terrible monsters. The inevitable calamities are also said to be monsters inflicted on weak humans. So the attacks of the heroes coming to the dungeon land kept happening. But the dungeon is still managed by you and has never harmed any human beings. However, the people who entered the jail did not believe it and wanted to destroy the dungeon. You can’t let those self-righteous heroes ruin the lives of monsters. Stop the self-righteous humanity and strike back at the heroes who dare to invade the dungeon.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense android

Download CDO2: Dungeon Defense mod – Defend the monster’s dungeon

Monsters are always said to be behind the calamity of humans and become the object of attack. And so the land that spawned monsters became a place where heroes explored. In their minds, monsters are consistently cruel, and they must find a way to defeat them. However, demons are very disciplined when someone like you is a dungeon manager. But the so-called heroes don’t accept this and will still attack the dungeon. The monster’s dungeon territory became the hero’s target, and they began to pound. Drive out the humans who dare to enter the forbidden land of the dungeon and keep the monsters safe.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense apk

Dungeon defense

Monsters of great power took over the dungeon, but that didn’t mean they were evil. Although their control is greater than that of humans, there are always rules that you manage. But so far, the dungeon has been a place for warriors and heroes to attack. So you can’t let the jail be destroyed and have to protect the monsters inside. Humans have illegally invaded the dungeon, and it’s time for you to fight back. Dungeons spawn monsters, and your responsibility is to protect them as the dungeon manager. Stop the attacks from the human world and successfully defend the monster dungeon.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense free

Monster warrior

Humans have always been confident in the strength of heroes, and monsters have their strengths. And the monsters are even stronger in the monster land when this is the place where the monsters are born. You are already the ruler of the dungeon and can ultimately control every monster warrior. Fighting against those mindless humans was the right thing to do when they kept accusing monsters. You will need an army of powerful monsters to fight off waves of invading human heroes. The heroes that invade the dungeon will also get more robust and try to improve the monster warrior. Get to know the monster you control and find the mighty dungeon warrior for fighting.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense mod apk

Dungeon upgrade

Human heroes constantly attack monsters, and you must try to protect the dungeon. The monster warrior squads you get are only part of the dark world. The very place you manage is this dungeon that can also become stronger with upgrades. You can defeat invading humans and upgrade monsters with earned gold coins. Your monsters can also use weapons that the hero drops after the battle. Managing the dungeon will not be easy because inside is the responsibility for life. Upgrade your dungeon and make monsters stronger when fighting human heroes.

CDO2 Dungeon Defense mod

The role of the war between humanity has changed when you play the part of the dungeon manager. Only when you become a member of the dark world will you see the truth differently. Not all monsters are as cruel as humans think, but humans don’t think so. They were still doing dungeon raids and had touched the most sacred thing. Monsters also need to survive; everything they do is according to the rules you create. Humans only machines want to destroy demons, and you have to lead the monster warrior against them. Download CDO2: Dungeon Defense mod to protect the dungeon house from the human hero’s attack.

Download CDO2: Dungeon Defense MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android

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