Guardian Girl MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Move Speed) 2.1.1

Updated 29/06/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameGuardian Girl APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Move Speed
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Guardian Girl MOD APK detail?

God Mode
Faster Move Speed

Introduce MOD APK Guardian Girl

Fight with a girl against a wave of enemies to regain her memories in Guardian Girl MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Move Speed). You will transform into a female warrior, but she is in a particular situation. It was a girl who could be immortal but had to fall into a deep sleep in return. But in exchange for that eternal life are memories that have disappeared and have become fragmented. And she woke up when the world was in danger of destruction. When no one was watching over the world, the enemy successfully sneaked in to attack the planet. So please awaken the memory of the immortal girl in the wars for the world.

Eternal life is an opportunity anyone in the world wants to have. But that chance was only given to a lucky girl with solid fighting ability. She is considered a warrior representing world peace and deserves this honor. However, to be immortal, the female warrior must fall into a deep sleep in the human world. And this is the opportunity for the enemies of the world to launch attacks. They believe they can successfully invade the world without female warriors to protect them. And they carried out their evil plan while the female warrior woke up.

Guardian Girl apk

Download Guardian Girl APK mod – Fight with a female warrior to purge evil monsters

You will become a female warrior living in the human world to keep peace. And with her protection, people still have peaceful moments. Therefore, this warrior was entitled to receive immortal life for his merits. However, in accepting this glory, she cannot continue to protect the world. The enemies also attacked humans at the same time and destroyed all life. And when the female warrior woke up, she still hadn’t regained her memories from a deep sleep. But she knows monsters have conquered the world, and you will join the female warrior to demand justice.

Guardian Girl mod

Regain the battle memory

The mighty female warrior who once defended the world from monster invasions. And she became immortal to persevere with her goal of fighting for humanity. However, facing her now was just a world with monsters appearing everywhere. The chance of immortality made her unable to protect humans during her deep sleep. So she will have to atone for her sins to destroy all monsters in the world. But in the process of fighting, the female warrior will also find herself. Those are battle memories, and they will make her stronger against monsters.

Guardian Girl android

Strength of female warrior

You will be the companion of a mighty warrior fighting against many monsters. They are your enemies when you destroy all the people of this world. So the female warrior will join you to eliminate the demons that cause the other crimes. But the female warrior also has her abilities and believes in fighting. And you will see the true power of the warrior when she uses her weapon to attack monsters. Or the armor you collect will help the warrior defend when attacked. Look for opportunities to enhance the female warrior’s power as she fights monsters with her.

Guardian Girl mod apk

Conquer the wars

Monster enemies have invaded the human world and carried out their evil plan. And with their brutality, they aim for the world’s only living child. It was a strong female warrior who once defended the world against the threat of destruction. However, she had to temporarily put her duties aside when she accepted the honor of being immortal. And now she must face a wave of siege from monsters when humanity is extinct. But the female warrior will purge them with her power and regenerate life. Win battles against monsters with the power of powerful weapons.

Guardian Girl free

You will join the war in the human world when monsters have destroyed it. The world has only one survivor left, which is the chance for life to revive. So you will join that female warrior to win every battle against the monsters. Those are the battles where you can experience the power of an immortal warrior. And you will join the warrior to perfect your battle memory after the victories. But your goal is still to save the world and revive the life that monsters have destroyed. Download Guardian Girl APK 2.1.1 to fight with the mighty female warrior against demons to protect the planet.

How to Download & Install Guardian Girl MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Move Speed) for Android


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