Chick Dynasty MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High damage) 1.1

Updated 13/11/2021 (2 years ago)
NameChick Dynasty APK
PublisherLT Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Chick Dynasty

The heroes of the past could hardly overcome the charm of beauties. Now, you will see it for yourself in the beautiful world of the Chick Dynasty. Brought to ancient China and transformed into the most powerful emperor. Have all the gorgeous beauties in hand and make them serve you every day. Fight with invaders everywhere to keep your territory. Can you earn respect from your enemies?

As a turn-based role-playing game, Chick Dynasty has all the elements you need. Images are built cute and close to suit all audiences. The details are wholly and vividly depicted to show their goals clearly. Bringing exceptionally quality entertainment time to busy people. No need to get tired of complicated relationships around you. Sit down and enjoy the best.

Chick Dynasty mod1

Download Chick Dynasty mod – Manage your own country in your way

As an emperor, you have control over everything in your country, from money, the army to the beautiful beauties in the palace. Let’s start searching for the most potent generals everywhere. Bring them into battle formation and begin your conquest process. Many powerful enemies await in extremely fierce battles beyond the borders. If you win, you will receive countless benefits from resources to precious items to bring you the promotion. Don’t let any enemy have a chance to destroy what you have.

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Epic story

The story of the Chick Dynasty brought to you will be divided into more than 1000 different stages. Each stage will take you to a new and unique development like never before. Not only that, but you can also meet powerful and attractive female generals. Conquer them with the same strength and power that a man has. Face dangerous people and get stronger with time. You will have to upgrade and strengthen your squad. Explore new territories with powerful factions that can endanger your country. This war will go on forever, and there is no way to know the end.

Powerful generals

When reading ancient Chinese stories like the Three Kingdoms, there are bound to be many different characters. Many people with outstanding strength, such as Lu Bu, Truong Phi, Zhao Yun, or Cao Cao. Their power level will be distinguished by the number of stars obtained. The more stars, the stronger these generals are than ever. You can upgrade weak champions and make them stronger.

Along with that, the equipment will also significantly affect their combat power. Combine many champions with different special abilities to create significant effects in moves. Turn your squad into the world champion.

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PvP Battle

The feeling of competing against other players is always indescribable. So Chick Dynasty will provide its players with a unique PvP mode. Here you can freely test your fighting ability by challenging other players. There will be times when you are overwhelmed or outnumbered by your opponent. The system chooses randomly, so you can’t predict what you’re about to encounter. Add more drama to the battles you are waiting for. Try to enhance all the different abilities for your squad to increase the win rate.

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Interesting facts

To increase the interactivity of the game, events will be regularly brought to you by the developer. There will be thousands of different attractive offers for you to choose from. For example, buying powerful champions at highly profitable prices. Increase resources or equipment as you progress into the game. Unlock unique modes for players to participate in and bring home great rewards. If you diligently follow the event news every day, you will certainly never suffer a disadvantage. Moreover, you can also speed up your game higher than others. Deliver an experience beyond what you expect.

You are an emperor, so don’t limit yourself to a particular framework. Enjoy a happy life with beautiful beauties when entering the world of Chick Dynasty mod.

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