GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK (Cleo Menu) 2.4.340

Updated 06/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameGTA: Liberty City Stories APK
PublisherRockstar Games
MOD FeaturesCleo Menu
SupportAndroid 4.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK detail?

V1: Cleo Menu

Copy Cleo Folder to Main/Internal Storage, Give GTA LCS app permissions in app settings to access files & Media.

V2: Unlimited money

When you log into the game, press the RESUME GAME button from the first menu you see, your coins are unlimited.

Introduce MOD APK GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an action-adventure game new and old version of Grand Theft Auto. This type of game has been quite prominent and famous for a long time. Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto III are the versions of these two games. Previously, this genre was only playable on PC. It must be said in childhood. But now, it has been renewed and transformed right on the phone, a space with a very lively built context. With a large and bustling city, players will be overwhelmed. Each region still has only minor changes compared to previous games, creating its interface for each game, mainly talking about Liberty City and its chaos.

What dark stories and secrets will be unfolded. Join the adventure with the guy Toni Cipriani – our main character. What will happen to Liberty, his family, and himself? With a million stories about this city, learn together. Let’s experience GTA: Liberty City Stories and clarify these issues! Players must control this character to enter the melee and restore order.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories mod – fascinating plot

If anyone is familiar with similar genres, they will know who Toni is. After killing a man, Toni had to hide for a while. He was raised and trusted by the Leone family. Now, he’s returned to Liberty City to find his soulmate and pacify everything. But now is the time when the city has turned into chaos. People become greedy and weak, greedy for life and afraid of death. Under the abuse of criminals, greedy politicians, social evils, and strike unions gradually lost control. Unable to let the city destroy itself like that, Toni stood up and tried to fight everything, despite her mother’s dissuade. The people in this underworld have very dark worlds. But still under the control of the Leone family, help him fight and bring peace to this town!

GTA Liberty City Stories mod

Character control

With the mobile version of this game, the controls are easy to use as they are all displayed on the screen. With the button on the left, Toni will follow your power. And on the right, use it for getting in and out of the car, running, jumping, answering the phone, attacking, aiming a gun, … And once inside the vehicle, press the analog button to control options. There are L and R buttons to turn left or right. You can also swipe it to move. As for targeting, the player must touch the enemy to reveal the attack camera. Instead, use two fingers to pinch or zoom in to see enemies. There is a firing system on the left for the player to aim with the right hand on some weapons. Usually, Toni has to use his hands and seek with a handgun, but there is also an automatic option. If you want to switch weapons, swipe left or right in the weapons area.


You can invite your gang or group of friends to join because with the multiplayer mode installed in the game, with up to 6 people in an area. Also known as ad-hoc wifi mode, each person’s avatar will meet with seven multiplayer game modes. The human models and scenery will still be taken from the single game, fun guaranteed. The first is Liberty City Survivor, there will be a death match, and the team with the most points will win. Next is the Protection Racket. The gang will destroy the remaining four limos. Get Stretch with content stealing another gang’s car. The counter-list game is also exciting: to kill Mark – this person will be chosen randomly. Rebel with a car race in the game Street Rage. There are many more player modes that you must try once with your friends.

GTA Liberty City Stories apk

Radio station

The unique feature in GTA: Liberty City Stories is radio. There are ten radio stations with exciting and dramatic music. All are licensed, and players can change if they want. In addition, there is a unique feature in the game that you need to know, which is the music buffet. Players can listen to custom soundtracks and load in their favorite tracks. Enjoy music and action-adventure at the same time. Honestly know how to enjoy life to experience the most extraordinary things.

GTA Liberty City Stories mod apk

Join Toni’s dramatic world and help him recreate the government. Bring the town back and destroy those with evil intentions. Eliminate tycoons with consulting choices. Download GTA: Liberty City Stories mod and go on a journey of action and adventure in Liberty City!

How to Download & Install GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK (Cleo Menu) for Android


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