Grim Soul MOD APK v3.5.0 (Menu, Free Craft/Max Durability/VIP)

Posted 11 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameGrim Soul
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free Craft/Max Durability/VIP
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Download link is deleted at the request of the publisher. Please install the official version on Google Play.Google Play

MOD Infomation

Grim Soul mod version

There are two versions you can choose from and both have integrated Menu mod.


  • Free crafting and building (you can build without resources)
  • Dividing items increase their number.
  • Unlocked some of the VIP subscription features.
  • You can share single items.
  • You can craft using closed recipes.
  • Fast work of machines (items are crafted in a second).

Menu mod

  1. Instant Travel (You should spend some energy to unlock the event).
  2. You can build any location. (Turn on before entering the location)
  3. God Mode.
  4. High damage.
  5. High Speed.
  6. Bots don’t move.

V2 Menu

  1. Free crafting.
  2. Maximum durability.
  3. Split +20.
  4. Instant walking.

Grim Soul is a survival game for you to play the role of a person living in the Plaguelands. Plaguelands is a land of poverty, concentrating many monsters that can take your life. You will feel like living a dangerous life in Grim Soul. Players will have to fight, gather all resources, protect their residence to destroy the enemy. Not only that, but you will also explore new lands to exploit many castles as well as precious resources. You will be the hero, survive on dangerous land, fight countless difficulties and stalks of monsters and other opponents.

The survival game has been and is growing strongly attracting many gamers around the world. The attraction of the game is the diversified gameplay, allowing players to blend into the volatile world. Players must face large, evil demons that are always trying to kill you, destroying your habitat. Equip good weapons, attack enemies with all your strength to stay alive. Fight smartly so as not to fall into enemy traps, avoid unfortunate bad situations.

Grim Soul mod

Download Grim Soul mod – The war of survival with monsters

Grim Soul takes you to a dramatic battle, against massive monsters to protect your life. You can also return to the original life, living in the dark forest. Together destroy mischievous enemies, survive and protect yourself on the land of peril. Grim Soul will help you be the best hero with superhuman fighting ability, regardless of opponents.

Grim Soul mod free

Journey of living

Initially, you are a man with nothing at hand, you have to support yourself from clothing, food and water. Prepare the necessary items to fight such as axes, hammers … get chests on the map to serve the fight. Players must feed their character enough to get the energy to attack and defend. Build a safe shelter to take refuge from your enemies. Players can create armour sets, build their own protective houses. The monsters always want to eat you, so equip your own good weapons.

Grim Soul mod download

Fight and destroy monsters

In Grim Soul you always have to deal with cunning monsters, in addition to equipped with optimal weapons, fighting skills are also extremely important. It takes private, intelligent ways to eliminate them. In addition, you can also link with other warriors to create a powerful team. With a close alliance, the ability to skillfully improvise with allies, the destruction of enemies will be easy. During the battle, you should also be careful not to be stolen and broken by the enemy as well as the enemy to break the resources you have.

Grim Soul mod apk

Survival in the overcast land

You will live in a land where plunder is always going on. Monsters are always in hiding and can kill you at any moment. And there, people are always competing, jealous, competing for their own part. Grim Soul allows you to experience the world full of darkness, against evil forces. Moving from one land to another to discover new things, requires players to have high patience. While on the move, there may be difficulties and enemies blocking your path. Focus and attack them with all your energy to preserve your life.

Combat weapon

When fighting, you cannot lack powerful weapons to support while destroying the enemy. Weapons will be axes, spears, hammers … all of them are powerful equipment for you. The armour shields you from the slashing attacks from ferocious monsters. Take advantage of weapons and fight for resources, shoot them and other opponents to stockpile your food. Try to hit fast wins to win the majority. Become the master of the kingdom, without fear of any opponent, and build a safe and secure living in the middle of the secluded land.

Grim Soul mod android

Grim Soul brings you back to the dangerous battle, back to where there are always raging monsters, people competing with each other. An attractive but also full of the fear world waiting for you to explore. Live by destroying enemies, hunting animals, and storing natural resources. Grim Soul also helps you to have more defensive skills and protect yourself against dangers. Download Grim Soul mod become the hero to destroy all monsters.

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ghost noodle464
ghost noodle464
1 month ago

I can’t get any of the events to work help?
I can’t get a horse to do more zones because the broken cart event won’t spawn

Aljer Lusung
Aljer Lusung
8 months ago

What exactly the vip does?

Donkey Lord
Donkey Lord
9 months ago

Your Icon is too big on the phone screen—reduce it or give us options to make it either visible or invisible. And which of the mods has the God mode?
9 months ago

In this mod version 3.0.1 in game events are available or not???
Events like broken cart or others.

10 months ago

item isnt durable…??

10 months ago

Word of warning to anyone who might use this MOD, DON’T use high damage against Eisenhborg. I used it and killed him in one blow thinking his other knights would awaken and attack. They didn’t. They remained frozen. And while they are still alive, the dungeon is locked and you can’t leave. You also can’t attack them while they are frozen, so you are stuck. I closed the game and reopened it, but I was still in the dungeon. I wiped game data from phone (my account is linked to fb so progress is saved.) When I restored everything and… Read more »

10 months ago

This MOD is a life saver. I was almost quitting the game when I found this.I had been playing the game for months, I downloaded this MOD and created a new account and in Just a few days, I’ve caught up to where I was and passed it by leaps and bounds. It’s not until I had this MOD that I realized just how unfairly hard the game was. I could have played it for a year and still wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have with this MOD. The only thing I’d suggest adding to the game if… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Thuỷ Dương

Link Please.

10 months ago
Reply to  Thuỷ Dương

Also, thank you for all you do.

10 months ago
Reply to  Thuỷ Dương

I figured it out, no need for the link. Thanks!

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