WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 1.4

Updated on 01/12/2022 (4 months ago)
NameWiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing APK
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MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Managing network connections will be easier and faster if you have WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing in your smartphone. WiFi is something that almost the whole world uses at the moment. We need to connect to the network for entertainment and particular tasks. Now the network has coverage everywhere, and everyone needs to use it. So it is very inconvenient if you have a poor and ineffective network connection. With WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing, the relationship becomes more meaningful and wider. Multiple people can use your internet simultaneously, which is highly convenient.

WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing is a tool to share the network connection to other devices. Your smartphone will turn into a fundamental internet-powered pillar. The remaining devices can connect to the network with just a few buttons. There are also additional functions to help keep the connection stable and increase the scale of influence. It’s great when you and your friends use the internet to play games, chat, and do extraordinary things. Bluetooth will play a very important role in your network streaming.

WiFi Tethering Internet Sharing mod

Download WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing mod – A virtual network transmitter with multiple


How to use WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing is effortless. To start opening your WiFi connection, you need to access the application tap the WiFi Tethering button. You must make sure that your device has a WiFi connection from before. Once enabled, your WiFi will appear on everyone’s devices. Next, create a password and name that is easy for others to distinguish and access. Then, of course, you only give your password to people you know. However, the number of people accessing his network can be very large. Consider the right amount so that the connection quality is not reduced. The more people use your WiFi, the slower the network connection. The perfect number is up to 5 people.

Connect all kinds of devices

Although WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing is a smartphone application, any device can receive WiFi from that smartphone. Any device with network connectivity is possible from other smartphones, PCs, tablets, and even TVs. This caters to all your entertainment requirements. If you want to play games with your friends, connect via smartphone. Watching a favorite movie on the TV will be a perfect choice. Documents for work must be sent out immediately? PCs and laptops are always ready to go with a quality network connection.

WiFi Tethering Internet Sharing mod apk

Manage your network connection

You are the owner of the WiFi network and share it with others. Indeed you will have to know who is connecting your network with what traffic. To avoid unauthorized connections without your knowledge. When you start making WiFi connections, you will have to give them a name and password. The password will make the security level even higher. Only the people you share the password with can access it. When you need to delete or create a new connection, it only takes seconds. Very convenient and does not take time compared to traditional connections.

Control your friends’ connections

Who connects to your WiFi is also something you need to be aware of. Their device name will appear on your smartphone. You also have the right to allow or not allow anyone to connect to your WiFi. Manage your network connection flexibly so that you are not disadvantaged. When there are unauthorized connections, remove them. That way, the unauthorized device will no longer have a network connection.

WiFi Tethering Internet Sharing mod apk free

Efficiently manage the network and share it with people you know. Turn your smartphone into a small WiFi hotspot for many different purposes. WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing mod may not be too necessary, but it will be very convenient and essential when you are entertaining or working with many people simultaneously.

Download WiFi Tethering: Internet Sharing MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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