Alpha Cleaner MOD APK (Unlocked Pro)

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NameAlpha Cleaner APK
PublisherLiuZho Soft
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Smartphone overload is one of the most annoying problems, Alpha Cleaner is here to help you clean up that mess. Free up unnecessary data from your smartphone. Speed ​​up the operation of applications for maximum efficiency when using. Save battery by restricting activities that affect battery capacity. Alpha Cleaner has all the most essential features to clean your phone. The problem of overload or total capacity is almost gone. Work hand in hand with the user to make the phone work all the time.

Alpha Cleaner addresses a lot of problems that slow down your smartphone. You may not even realize it. Smartphone operations are many and varied. And they all effect battery life in any way. Even if you use, download and delete the application, this problem will arise. Alpha Cleaner will figure it all out and help you figure out where you need to clean up. There are various cleaning and speeding tools in this application that you need to learn. Then we will have more responsibility for safer smartphone use.

Alpha Cleaner mod

Download Alpha Cleaner mod – Clean smartphone multi-function and fast

Although Alpha Cleaner’s system is not complicated, it is numerous and complete. We have inside the interface a lot of different tools for cleaning smartphones. Because the phone’s operation is divided into many different types, each activity will need a separate tool to improve it. However, you won’t need to use all of them every day. Depending on the operation, the system will advise you to check every once in a while. Of course, there are also things that you need to monitor every day. But to do that is just a simple touch on the phone screen. So it is too convenient for you to do other jobs.

Alpha Cleaner mod apk

Speed ​​up for smartphones

This is the first mode and also the most popular. Nearly any cleaning application should have a speed booster. It will boost the performance of the applications you are about to use by clearing their cache. Caching is created when you use applications. So when you don’t use it anymore, delete it to keep the memory free. That also makes the subsequent use not slow but consistently smooth. Therefore, it is recommended that you use it every day to keep your smartphone working as quickly as possible.

Alpha Cleaner mod apk free

Clear junk data and cool

These two features always have an intimate relationship with each other. As for clearing junk data, you’ll be able to choose from within the apps you’ve downloaded. Unfortunately, there is a lot of unimportant redundant data that exists. When we use acceleration mode, it will not be possible to delete them, and they are very space-consuming. So you should filter out unnecessary data yourself to delete immediately. CPU cooling is a solution when your device is overheating. After using a lot of heavy tasks or playing games, this situation will occur. So let the device rest in the cooling mode to not affect the internal components.

Alpha Cleaner mod free

Protect battery life

Another function is equally important and should be used when low battery. Battery saver mode restricts all hardware and software activities. This is the mode to use when the smartphone is running low on battery, and you don’t have a charger nearby. It will minimize movement and notifications from the application. So you can use it a little longer until you can use the battery charge. Just help the smartphone to rest when working for a long time. It also preserves battery life without causing too much damage.

Alpha Cleaner free

All the above functions are encapsulated in a straightforward application – Alpha Cleaner. Hopefully, this application can be a reliable manager and companion for you and your smartphone. Report problems when necessary and resolve them immediately. Authentic Alpha Cleaner mod is a high-quality cleaning app.

Download Alpha Cleaner MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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