Grand Wars: Mafia City MOD APK 0.77 (Premium pass, enemy can't attack)

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NameGrand Wars: Mafia City APK
MOD FeaturesPremium pass, enemy can't attack
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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The Mafia family is welcoming new members from all over the world to join Grand Wars: Mafia City. This is the playground to help you show off your shooting skills. Conquer the whole city with your gangster family. The combination of action role-playing shooting games is not too strange for players. The difference is that instead of going to battle alone, the player leads a team of up to four people to join this expedition. Level entire cities and face off against players from all over the world. Thought it was simple, it was a fierce battle with a high rate of fighting between the members.

You and your teammates carry a gun to explore every city corner. Along the way, players will also encounter mafia names with the same purpose as you. Need to raise the gun and shoot these guys down right away. Because if you don’t kill them, they will kill you back. Those who do not destroy the earth for their own sake, there is no place for compassion here. In addition to having to finish off those who stand in the way, players also have to collect items, rewards, and gold coins that appear on the road you go. Players will stand under the third person from above, looking down to have a more general view of the city.

Grand Wars Mafia City android

Download Grand Wars: Mafia City mod – Mafia family explore every corner of the city

Viewed from above, the city of Grand Wars: Mafia City is boldly ruined. The main living place of criminals and robbers. Dirty houses, deserted roads, broken cars, old scrap yards. With two virtual keys on either side of the screen, left to move, right to aim. The right corner also has a grenade-shaped key to throw high-power grenades. There is also a miniature map above the screen; the green arrow is the moving friend and teammates. Your opponent is the gray arrows on the map. Look at it to see the position of the enemy to act decisively and at the right time.

Grand Wars Mafia City apk free

Weapon Collection

In Grand Wars: Mafia City, the arsenal is the most diverse and rich place. This place gathers all the popular and usable guns in the world. From pistols, rifles, shortguns, submachine guns, …and countless other modern guns. Each gun has different combat power and impact. Gray Pistol 1911 gun with up to 127 force and 4.7 speed. Or the Raider has only 59 power and 4.6 speed but costs up to $ 2500. There are also grenades for players to use. But they are only used in an emergency. Make smart choices and choose guns that suit your abilities as best as possible.

Grand Wars Mafia City mod apk

Collect items

Although focusing on the player’s shooting ability and skills. But collecting items on the road is also an important thing that players have to do. There are many useful gadgets appearing on your way. The dollar bills were tied with yellow ropes. The first aid kit is housed in a red medical box. Reflective green grenades. The armor has a characteristic pink color. There is even experience in the form of yellow stars. Especially there are special vehicles used in combat. Trucks and cars are quite common, the best vehicle is the drone.

Grand Wars Mafia City mod

Diverse Contexts

The entire city of Grand Wars: Mafia City is modeled after a realistic model. There are tons of new locations for players and teammates to explore. The docks are made of wooden slats joined together. Parks, hospitals, containers, stadiums… Sometimes in these locations, there are glowing yellow wooden boxes. To open them must actively shoot guns at them. Waiting for the box lock to be destroyed, the player can get special trophies or rewards. At the end of the game, there is a leaderboard. On it is the total number of enemies, each person in the team can shoot. From there, according to the ratio, divide the donated items.

Grand Wars Mafia City apk

Sometimes you can collect protective shields. A green glowing circle will appear around the player and teammates. It blocks incoming projectiles from the enemy for a certain amount of time. In addition, mafia characters can also change their appearance and costumes. Then the arrow color and the light emitted also change according to the color of the clothes that the player’s team wears. The leader will have a different color of clothing than the rest. Download Grand Wars: Mafia City mod bloody war between mafia in the gloomy, peaceful and fierce city.

Download Grand Wars: Mafia City MOD APK (Premium pass, enemy can't attack) for Android

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