Last Arrows MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.1.20

Updated 03/11/2023 (9 months ago)
NameLast Arrows APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Last Arrows

Last Arrows is an action game set in a remote ancient kingdom. Here the player plays a skilled archer. When people become talented, many enemies are jealous and want to crush them. Therefore, on the way of adventure and discovery to protect the kingdom, there are many opponents to find you. But first, you need to confront the alien creatures. A meteorite fell from the sky when this place was going through peaceful days. Out of this meteorite is a group of black-bodied creatures with red mouths and feet. They bring bloodthirsty bodies down to destroy your kingdom.

At the beginning of the game, the plot is communicated through footage showing the kingdom’s current state. However, they are strange creatures from extraterrestrials. But it’s lucky to be able to destroy them with human arrows. Therefore, you cannot stand by as a patriotic archer and watch the kingdom fall into turmoil. You must overcome dangerous territories covered with monsters. As a level game, from easy to complex, you need t,o destroy a certain number of monsters at each level. Opening with gentle bogeys as they stand still for you to kill,  something is interesting later.

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Download Last Arrows mod – Become the best archer to destroy all alien creatures.

As an archer, archery is the critical skill that determines victory. But because not everyone has ever played archery before. You should start the game to guide you to familiarize yourself by shooting at the target in front of the screen. Just touch the screen and press long so the arrowhead points towards the enemy. A dashed line moves in the direction of the player’s aim. When you have hit the target, gently release your hand with a sufficient impact force. The arrow flew straight into the enemy’s head; they fell, and blood splashed everywhere. The game gives you a number of stars depending on the number of enemies and your skills.

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Story mode

Last Arrows offers three main game modes for players to explore. The first mode is the story mode, which follows the path the game has opened. An exciting storyline that matches the game’s logic is to play in levels from easy to complex. This mode requires players to have a reasonable strategy. With a limited number of arrows, if the player keeps aiming indiscriminately and inaccurately, losing will shock the player. This mode is divided into chapters, and at the end of each chapter, the player has to deal with a particular boss. Only by overcoming these boss bosses can the player unlock the next chapter.

Last Arrows mod apk

Survival mode

Besides the story mode, the survival mode is equally interesting. In this mode, players have trained their reflexes. When faced with an innumerable wave of monsters appeared. Speed and accuracy determine the outcome of the game. In this mode, the player has to face each wave of monsters with different sizes. There is also a duel mode with other players in Last Arrows. Players will have to confront other skilled archers head-on. You have to dodge and strike with precision at the same time. Players can also fight in many different locations to increase the drama.

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Every game offers levels from easy to difficult, and Last, Arrows is no exception. In the first screen, the player may see the enemy standing still for you to shoot. But to the later levels, there are many challenges that you need to overcome. For example, these enemies move continuously and are not fixed at any point. Or they can hide behind big trees, inside warehouses, … The number of arrows is limited, sometimes just equal to the number of enemies you must destroy. It is because the object cannot miss an arrow at all. Because so to the last moment, you will be attacked by them.

Last Arrows mod

Overcome many challenges and levels to collect rewards. Along with that can unlock special skills to support in the battle. For example, by slowing down the time, you will have more time to aim at the enemy more accurately. Or warp the direction of the arrow. This helps you to attack enemies standing in a difficult-to-reach corner or kill more enemies. Download the Last Arrows mod to become an archer to destroy all black aliens that come here with meteorites.

How to Download & Install Last Arrows MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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