Grand War 2: Strategy Games MOD APK (Unlimited money, medals) 79.5

Updated 14/06/2024 (4 days ago)
NameGrand War 2: Strategy Games APK
PublisherJoynow Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, medals
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Grand War 2: Strategy Games

Grand War 2: Strategy Games MOD APK (Unlimited money, medals) is a strategy game that takes you back to the 18th century. The place where Napoleon’s conquests leveled everything. The world is on the verge of change, chaos unfolds across Europe. Whoever has the power now is the ruler. If anyone has ever studied history, it is impossible not to know about Napoleon, his remarkable achievements because of his commanding skills. Since then, his life has been inspired to be adapted into many movies, written into books, etc. Especially it is also included in the game that opens a fantasy world where the wars have not ended. Everything is portrayed realistically to give players the experience.

Players are transformed into generals from many different countries. Your task is to lead your army to capture the territories of other countries. With a map of countries outlined in a certain scale. In particular, Grand War 2: Strategy Games APK mod also uses sandbox simulation techniques for unlimited expansion. From there, players can do whatever they want. The environment here changes constantly, like in real life, making it difficult for players to predict what happens next. Deliver an experience that explores and fuels the curiosity of beginning gamers.

Grand War Army Strategy Games apk free

Download Grand War 2: Strategy Games mod – Open the war to conquer the continents in the 18th century

After you have confirmed which army you choose to play as a general. The player is then transported to the map area. Tap on the country you want to challenge to get started. The right corner of the screen has a dialog box through which the manufacturer states the rules of the game for you. Observing the position of the enemy team on the opposite side, the player can deploy his army. Players need to hold down on each group of troops and move to the position you want. When holding down each group of troops, there is a light screen dividing the position into hexagons. Each image represents a position of the group that can stand, the player gradually approaches the position of the enemy’s tent.

Grand War Army Strategy Games apk

40 generals

In the game, players turn into talented generals. More than 40 generals completely exist in history, everyone has glorious feats. Each general comes from different countries, such as Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Kutuzov, and Davout,…The generals are depicted under different faces, carrying their own soldiers. For example, the general wears a moss green shirt with a characteristic mustache. On the head of each general, he wears feather hats symbolizing his status and strength. Of course, they were equipped with the best guns and serious faces. Based on the color of the uniform to, determine who is the enemy.

Grand War Army Strategy Games mod apk

Soldier Training

Grand War 2: Strategy Games APK 79.5 offers you a separate army of troops. Each branch has its specialty and needs to be led effectively. In order for each group of troops to have full combat experience, players need to alternately bring each group of troops into the battle. This is also a way to improve the general skill level of your army. In addition, they will be trained and become an elite fighting force at your service. For the time when you need a group of troops with long-range combat skills also. It’s fine to need a group of troops with direct combat skills. Effective array makes you invincible.

Grand War Army Strategy Games mod

Various battles

Grand War 2: Strategy Games MOD APK offers up to 10 main battle chapters. Each chapter contains mini-campaigns totaling more than 60 campaigns. These are wars with the participation of more than 15 different countries. The wars are modeled after the battles in history. Such as famous battles such as Bataille de Marengo, Battle of Leipzig, Battle of Waterloo, etc. Countless battles took place throughout Europe for territory. Then you just need to capture the hut areas, the enemy’s garrison area. Drive them to the end, and kill all the enemy soldiers that appear in your way to capture.

Multiple battles mean players fight on different terrains. From the sunny and windy desert to the snow covered area. Or near the murky forests, there are also the banks of fast-flowing rivers. When fighting is tired, players can turn to a break by building a base. The base is strong and large enough to have a place to train your army. But building means you also have to protect this base. If any enemy comes to invade, the player needs to quickly send troops to fight back. Download Grand War 2: Strategy Games mod that offers wise strategies in the role of a talented general of the country you are defending.

How to Download & Install Grand War 2: Strategy Games MOD APK (Unlimited money, medals) for Android


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