Graffiti Smash MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) 3.16.7

Updated on 20/03/2022 (1 year ago)
NameGraffiti Smash APK
PublisherBoltrend Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Have you ever heard of the concept of fighting with paint streaks? Most likely not because Graffiti Smash is the first game to use this mechanism. A strange combination between the painted battlefield and the survival of all humanity. You and the hunters – the chosen ones can save the world? Rescue every corner of the earth with paint sprays from a giant slingshot. That simplification determines the vital plot in the game. It shows your hunters having to deal with monsters scattered worldwide. Fight them or suffer eternal rule.

Each battle takes place in real-time so that you can flex between multiple moments in the game. Graffiti Smash offers a unique fighting style like never before. You will shoot paint streaks to create many unique battles in the game. Each paint splash creates a new fighting style. Adjust the paint streak to your advantage on the battlefield. Give hunters a chance to fight comfortably towards the goal of destroying all monsters on the current earth’s surface.

Graffiti Smash mod

Download Graffiti Smash mod – Overcome confusing reality with paint streaks

In the reality of Graffiti Smash, a mysterious being called Arc has invaded the entire earth. That forces people to shelter in many places. If caught by Arc entities, they will be killed instantly. Through a long change process, the earth’s surface has been completely changed. The number of monsters spawned more and more and absorbed dangerous cells. Their power is increasing day by day, people’s survival is getting more difficult. From there, warriors with the ability to resist dangerous cells called Hunters were born. Marks the rise of man to destroy the Arc. Take back the earth where they were born and raised.

Graffiti Smash mod apk

Brave Hunters

Hunters are warriors chosen because they have antibodies against dangerous cells on the earth’s surface. Therefore, they can develop and use many unique skills in combat. With several over 250 hunters, gathering all of them was nearly impossible. But you can also own hundreds of separate hunters. From there, create many suitable tactics to fight against Arc. Hunters and paint streaks have a special connection with each other. You will realize that when you get through many battles. Don’t forget the collection with more than 400 weapons to equip and power up the hunters on the battlefield.

Graffiti Smash mod apk free

Exciting Dungeon Adventure

Most of the adventure will be conquering dungeons to get many fascinating treasures. Monsters lying in the dungeon will grow in strength and acquire many dangerous abilities. Each time you explore the dungeon, you need to choose the right squad. We can summon Graffiti monsters to support the battle when the paint streaks have covered the screen. They are entities sealed within splatters of paint. Each paint color will produce a unique type of monster. They combine well with the hunters to fight the Arc and sweep a large area. Completing the dungeon conquest means you will receive a lot of beautiful treasures.

Graffiti Smash mod free

Quirky fights with friends

It is because the way of fighting is unique and unlike any other game before it. This will be an unforgettable experience for you and your other friends. Learn to control paint streaks and combine powers with hunters. Co-op to conquer essential dungeons and fight giant bosses. Even change the atmosphere with the unique PvP mode between players. Climb the world rankings with the best paintball warriors. The fascinating adventure with no end is what keeps you and your teammates fighting non-stop. Its chaos is perfect for playing with friends with many moments of surprise and fun.

Graffiti Smash free

With creative gameplay and a perfect combination of tactics. Graffiti Smash is a name with a lot of novelty but familiarity for players who are tired of many games with similar characteristics. Fight by shooting paint splatters and controlling the hunter. Work together to defeat the Arc forces and save the earth. Collecting hunters and weapons will also create a sense of excitement and satisfaction for you. Don’t forget the iconic dungeons that never get boring. Graffiti Smash mod is exceptionally suitable for playing with many people rather than alone.

Download Graffiti Smash MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android

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