Code of War MOD APK (Unlocked VIP) 3.18.7

Updated 15/11/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameCode of War APK
PublisherXDEVS LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlocked VIP
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Code of War

Being able to pick up a gun and fight is an experience that everyone wants to try once. Then let Code of War take you to the world of excellent warriors. Side by side with them on the most dangerous missions assigned. Destroy all those who dare to stand in the way to complete your task. The ability to fight is what will save your life on this harsh battlefield. Beware of all possible hazards.

With gorgeous and realistic 3D graphics, Code of War can make you fall in love. The fighting style is made as diverse as the games on other platforms. Moreover, the options and items are incredibly various with many designs. Build a modern battlefield scene precisely like in the movies. Players will be like the main character and build their direction. Enjoy fighting without worrying about any other problems.

Code of War mod

Download Code of War mod – Become a weapon master

Participating in the most intense gunfights on the planet, you will have to have good personal skills. Learn the basics like moving and using guns. Aim correctly to take down all the enemies in front of you. Avoid being detected by enemies by taking advantage of hidden corners and surprising them. The more enemies killed, the more points you get. The team that takes the lead at the last minute wins. The enemy will also fight back very fiercely, so be very careful. Don’t just fight blindly, but use tactical thinking. Analyze the possible and impossible to gain an advantage.

Choose your warrior

Your organization is a gathering of the best and bravest warriors from all over the world. You can choose the person you like best and fight with them. Each character is inspired precisely like in reality, from American special forces, mercenaries, assassins or even cold-blooded people in terrorist organizations. When the fighting is divided into government forces and opponents, you will get a strong warrior no matter which side you are on. Spend money to buy more significant characters. Create a diverse collection and have more options before preparing for battle.

Code of War mod free

Huge arsenal

A shooting game is, of course, indispensable for specialized weapons to fight. All the guns that you have seen and have not seen will appear in this. With submachine guns, we have Uzi, MP-5, P-90, … The representatives of the rifle will have AK-47, M4A1 and even Scar. As for the sniper rifle, there will still be familiar options like AWM or Barret. And there are machine guns, pistols, and melee weapons like knives. Each weapon has its unique use, so consider practising to get used to it. Test them all and find your favourite gun in this game.

Many types of online play

Code of War is built in favour of online play to interact with each other easily. The game modes offered will include bomb, capture, casual and 1v1 solo. The opposing team will try to plant the bomb with the bomb mode, and the special will defend. The two sides will have to compete for hot spots on the map to increase the score in the capture mode. Normal mode will allow you and your enemies to respawn and destroy each other continuously. 1v1 will also be the same as usual, but only two people will face each other. Choose your favourite way to play and start fighting right away.

Code of War mod apk

Various maps

The maps that Code of War creates are all inspired by the fiercest battlefields in the world. From military bases, large plateaus to densely populated areas. Each map has a different battle condition and structure. For example, with a desert map, there will be buildings close together covered with sand. In the battlefield map, there will be aircraft wrecks and damaged combat vehicles. All will form a revival and hiding place for both sides. Leverage to develop creative strategies and make your killing effective. Don’t limit yourself to any degree.

During the battle, the player will be able to learn and improve his experience. Join your teammates to find joy from the top confrontations in Code of War mod. Walk your path to becoming the greatest gunman in history.

How to Download & Install Code of War MOD APK (Unlocked VIP) for Android


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