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NameGirl Alone APK
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The tactical and survival games have made you feel stressed, so you want to find a light and entertaining game? To relax in comfort, relieve stress. Then the game called Girl Alone will help you feel so relaxed. Keep track of what you go through in the game. Anytime, anywhere, in your spare time, you can open your phone. Next is to chat with the girl you see.

Girl Alone is a light simulation game. Here, the game revolves around a mysterious girl who just hides inside a room. With very simple gameplay, just talk and clean her room to increase sympathy. Everything is not too difficult for you. Along with the gentle game melody, sometimes there will be a sad sound when the girl’s mood goes down. So you need to take care of her carefully. Let’s learn about this Girl Alone a little bit!

Girl Alone mod

Girl Alone mod version

  • You will get great rewards in Town. (Mod works on rooted device and used with Lucky Patcher)

Download Girl Alone mod – Give hope to young girls

Get a job with big money, you go to a house of two PhDs. Here, you are assigned the task of looking after the house so that they can go on business trips with peace of mind. While exploring the house, you find a door with warning lines. The strange thing is that the room was not locked at all. Open the door, here, you see a small girl sitting next to the bed and looking very dirty. The room is very messy and full of insects such as spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes… Your presence is going to break the gloomy atmosphere of the room.

The girl you meet is extremely shy, doesn’t want to socialize with you or anyone. She will always dodge any action you try to approach. What you need to do here is make friends with her, make her trust you more. Help her overcome her fear of swarming insects and the dark. Because she has never been in contact with outsiders and the scenery outside the room’s window, she always feels lonely. Let’s talk to her to make the relationship between the two become more intimate!

Girl Alone mod apk

Approach the girl from many angles

Her confessions will help you get to know the girl better. Use your way of talking to keep the girl motivated to explore the world outside the room. The more a girl’s feelings increase, the more she trusts you. In addition to chatting, you can satisfy the girl’s needs such as feeding her a sweet cake, hot dog,… Buy her some gifts to make her happier. In addition, cleaning the room will also increase your goodwill. Start cleaning, repelling insects to show her that you are willing to help her.

Girl Alone mod mod

Maintain financial income

Want to maintain life and buy items, you can get jobs by playing mini-games. Save and buy her new gifts or delicious food. Upgrading the shops will produce many new items and your money will also be increased. You can also use the money to take the girl to the park or to the amusement park. Everything you do for her will increase the level of intimacy between the two of you. Reach the girl by filling her stomach. Make her happier with her life.

Girl Alone mod apk free

A variety of lovely pets

The room will become more interesting when there are pets. And the girl was extremely excited about it. You can go to the store and buy a dog or a cat along with food specifically for them. Playing together will make the atmosphere less lonely. Your pet will be very sad if one day you forget to feed them. Pets are also a way to help girls communicate more with the outside world. Especially the cats. She will always tell you the stories she knows about them with a look of amusement.

Girl Alone mod download

Decorate yourself and your interior

The girl you meet is quite self-conscious about her appearance because she doesn’t have any nice clothes. So what you need to do is buy her new clothes to make herself more confident with everyone around. Own trendy and multi-genre clothes. Not only that, but your pet can also have cute collars and bows on his head. The redesign of the messy room to make it more beautiful is also given in the game Girl Alone.

Girl Alone mod free

Learn the strange story

Apart from looking after the house and taking care of the girl, you can find out why this girl is here. The secrets surrounding her in the large house with the mystery of two doctors have hired you to work. Many interesting things will be revealed day by day and attractive to make you surprised and excited. Discover the strange appearance of a girl who can’t remember her name and why she’s here. The girl wants to remember everything, so you are here to help her. All memories will be recalled!

Girl Alone mod android

Girl Alone is an interesting simulation game with a touching story. Because of the offline mode, you can enter the game, chat with the girl anytime you want. The gameplay is very easy, communicating with her even more relaxing. Discover the story that revolves around extremely thrilling and fascinating. The game Girl Alone will give you the warmth of a family, Only you and the girl are here, living together, helping each other and loving each other.

Download Girl Alone MOD APK (Hight reward) for Android

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