Idle Robot Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.38

Updated on 15/10/2022 (2 years ago)
NameIdle Robot Inc APK
PublisherFancyGames Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Idle Robot Inc is a simulation game about building robots for fighting and protecting human peace. Robot company Dovi is the place to create iron-man warriors with unbeatable strength. Here, with a team of experienced and enthusiastic staff, the robot building work goes smoothly. However, in order for the company to really grow and earn respectable profits, it still needs a director. Idle Robot Inc will really make you a great director. Master the world’s leading robot base.

In the future, when technology is more and more developed. Humans have created many types of robots to help with life. From nanny robots, cooking robots, cleaning robots to giant fighting robots. Because the future earth is always threatened by dangerous aliens. They want to invade our planet. The only way to survive is to destroy all invaders. Therefore, Dovi company was born to serve that arduous fight. It must be said that Fancy Games Studio has brought us a very new game.

Idle Robot Inc APK

Download Idle Robot Inc mod – Create real warriors

Faced with the threat of being invaded by aliens, humans have stood up to fight. To fight aliens with extremely devastating supernatural powers, we need warrior machines. Humans have absolutely no magical powers at all. But we have brilliant minds and great creativity. We can create robots that fight on par with the enemy. Human possibilities are endless.

Making robots with advanced technology

With relentless creativity, scientists have invented a series of advanced new technologies. Your Dovi company is one of the leaders in the engineering industry. The company can create a lot of advanced robots every day. Then sell these robots to the military for them to use for combat. The perfect robots will fly into space. Use missile warheads, guns and all equipped weapons to destroy the aliens.

Idle Robot Inc MOD

When starting a company, you will not have a large staff or the most modern equipment. Have to slowly build from the little things. The first robot has to put together tiny components. In the process of making money will be generated and added to the player’s account. The more robots you make and sell successfully, the more money you make. Sooner or later you will become a giant in the robotics industry.

Staff and equipment

At the beginning of the game, you will have very few employees. Therefore, it is necessary to hire more employees to complete the super hot robot order in time. In addition, the company director also needs to buy the necessary equipment to equip the robot. This helps the robot warrior to increase his fighting power many times over. Upgrading staff and equipment will make your company more modern and majestic. During the crafting process, you can also use acceleration to speed up the work. Complete as many battle robots as possible and quickly level up the game. Earn gold coins and precious blue diamonds.

Idle Robot Inc MOD APK

Idle style

Idle Robot Inc is a game that is not only easy to play but also extremely idle. Your robotics company can work even when you’re not around. A feature that helps players free their hands and still earn money. Just upgrade staff and equipment, everything becomes simple. Just do your other work. Leave the rest to Idle Robot Inc. Enjoy the feeling of making money extremely leisurely right now, my friend.

Impressive 3D graphics

Fancy Games Studio has created an Idle Robot Inc with 3D graphics that could not be more attractive. With this effect, players can completely observe the robot warriors from many angles. After creating such a cool fighting machine, we have to see our results. The design of the robots becomes more and more eye-catching and majestic as your company reaches the next level. The tiny staff working at a glance are also very cute. All contribute to creating a good-looking appearance for our game.

Fight to protect the earth

Robot warriors after being brought to the alien shelter will immediately fight. At first, you may encounter unfortunate defeats. Because the power of the aliens is great. But don’t be discouraged and start crafting right away. Use the latest tools and equipment in the company. You will surely win.

Idle Robot Inc ANDROID

With extremely simple and idle gameplay, Idle Robot Inc mod is really an interesting game. It will help you relieve stress and fatigue at any time. Beautiful 3D graphics, classic story about the mission to save the world and how to make money fast. All of the above has created an attractive Idle Robot Inc mod. With Idle Robot Inc mod, run the world’s most advanced and modern robot manufacturing company.

Download Idle Robot Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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