D4DJ Groovy Mix MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance/Perfect) 6.4.0

Updated 23/06/2024 (2 hours ago)
NameD4DJ Groovy Mix APK
PublisherBushiroad International Pte Ltd_
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Dance/Perfect
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
D4DJ Groovy Mix MOD APK detail?

Menu Japan V1: 

  1. Auto Dance
  2. Perfect

Menu Japan V2:

[ Player Menu ]
1. God Mode
2. Easy Dance
3-1. Auto Dance
– Perfect Chance
– Great Chance
– Good Chance
3-2. Where To Press
– Close
– Middle
– Start
4. Manual Dance
-> Change Bad to Bad/Good/Great/Perfect
-> Change Good to Bad/Good/Great/Perfect
-> Change Great to Bad/Good/Great/Perfect
-> Change Perfect to Bad/Good/Great/Perfect

Introduce MOD APK D4DJ Groovy Mix

D4DJ Groovy Mix is ​​a music-style game officially launched in Japan. The game will satisfy you if you have an endless passion for vibrant music. A real DJ with a highly eye-catching sound system is the impression that the game brings. Have you ever wanted to be a hot DJ from a young age? Then why not try your hand at D4DJ Groovy Mix? Like Audition, anyone who is a gamer has known the famous game for a while. So you have to adjust the music on the phone screen so that it is very soulful to get the maximum score.

Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ is the actual name of this game, promising to come with the perfect musical themes. For young people who understand Japan, this is a version worth trying. The melodic charms are waiting for your musical talent. Please come to the master, feel and listen to a variable up to your own. Become a talented DJ and make a dance that everyone has to dance to. By then, you’ve made it to the top of the soundtrack club.

D4DJ Groovy Mix mod

Download D4DJ Groovy Mix mod – become a professional DJ

Hey DJ, put the music on and rock the dance floor now! Feel and combine the famous songs of the land of cherry blossoms. Gamers will pan their fingers to adjust the screen to the beat. Feel free to slide, scratch, and tap with colored pieces to get as many points as possible. You can customize the interface and choose levels to suit your variation. You can challenge yourself at different difficulty levels as you get better at playing. This will create the attraction and the feeling of conquering the magical notes. In addition, the game also installs a spectator mode when you want to take a break from playing.

D4DJ Groovy Mix apk

Various topics

Usually, for this type of arcade game, the song mode is quite limited in the game. Not to mention it will be repeated a lot. This will affect the game players. They will get bored and don’t want to continue. But coming to D4DJ Groovy is different. You will have to rest with song data. Gamers will experience unlimited music with more than 130 famous songs and diverse themes. You will come across tons of anime music, Groovy’s game ost, live stage,… Or you can mix with cover songs, original songs,…Surely you will come across some familiar songs for those who love Japanese music.

D4DJ Groovy Mix mod apk

Popular band

You will meet cute and talented girl bands to support your musical creativity. Some bands for you like Lyrical Lily, Happy Around, and Rondo, .. with anime idols that the publisher has created a separate youtube channel. Players can follow these idols through the official channel to learn more. The standards you can meet in the club include Rinku Aimoto, Haruna Kasuga, Hiiro Yano,… The game also allows you to choose costumes and graphics for the idols before performing on the dance floor. Besides, players can design the stage sound system splendidly and majestic. The game will have many beautiful interiors for you to create your musical playground freely.

D4DJ Groovy Mix adroid

Stories and events

Each idol will have its unique personality and features. Attached to each model will have interesting stories associated with themselves. Those stories will partly tell the people in their music. Depending on how they perform on stage, you adjust the music accordingly. They sway to the music movement that you coordinate, then you have attracted the idol. Materials will appear after each performance, so quickly collect them. It will upgrade the band members. You will have premium members with full scorecards. The game also organizes events for players to gain positions on the leaderboard. Gamers who are lucky will become exclusive members and own rewards.

D4DJ Groovy Mix apk free

In general, the game D4DJ Groovy Mix is ​​a music game with the ability to unleash creativity for players. Training allows you to become a professional DJ in the future. Good music perception is essential for overcoming the game’s challenges. You need to adjust the music so that the character maintains the emotion. I believe you will become the king of music, mastering the dance floors! The world music charts are waiting for a DJ to feel the notes. So let’s download D4DJ Groovy Mix mod together to feel the famous music of the country of cherry blossoms!

How to Download & Install D4DJ Groovy Mix MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance/Perfect) for Android


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