Potion Punch 2 MOD APK 2.6.3 (Unlimited money, tickets)

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NamePotion Punch 2 APK
PublisherMonstronauts Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Let me tell you about this exciting game. What is so special about the restaurant business in Potion Punch 2 that attracts so many participants? What will we sell, how will the guests meet? Can it bring players joy, enjoyment, and refreshment? Surely you will not sit still after that but have to find the magical world in Potion Punch 2.

Potion Punch 2 is a fun game about the business of shops. You will build and develop business restaurants in a strange forest. You will become the partner of two friendly owners, Lyra and Noam. With special clients with time requirements, are you ready to start this business?

Potion Punch 2 mod apk android

Download Potion Punch 2 mod – Magical restaurant business

No longer interested in traditional cafes and restaurants, two young friends Lyra and Noam, are determined to go to a mysterious land in the deep forest to start a business. They run shops that mix drinks, sell food and some supplies. Let’s become partners of these two characters to carry out a unique business mission in the world. It will bring you new experiences, great new stories.

Potion Punch 2 mod apk

Serving special customers

Coming to the world of Potion Punch 2, players will receive many special guests. They can be a little elf, a dark witch, a handsome prince, a wandering soul,… At each level, when a guest comes to the shop, they will order some items. Your task is to make the required items while waiting for each person. When each guest’s time column gradually turns yellow, they have waited too long and are very frustrated. They will immediately leave. You will not be able to complete the task set out earlier.

Potion Punch 2 mod

To serve special guests, we also need special dishes and drinks. Each of your restaurants needs to have secret recipes and cooking. At the drink bar, mix magical colors with mysterious potions. Taming baby dragons to cook delicious golden fish cakes. You can also create your own dishes such as tropical ice cream, steak with cheese,… The menu of food and drink is very much. Players will be spoiled for choice in the world of Potion Punch 2.

Potion Punch 2 mod apk download

Collect characters

It would be best if you summoned legendary heroes because they can help you through the challenges of running a restaurant. The heroes bring the power to destroy those who intend to destroy the restaurant. They also help you tame dragons for baking. Or, in cases where the restaurant is overcrowded and is becoming chaotic, the heroes will control the time so you can manage the work.

Potion Punch 2 mod apk free

Decorate and upgrade

Designing and decorating your store will help you a lot. The stores will become famous and attract many customers. Upgrading and equipping cooking and mixing tools will help the dish to be completed faster. Many customers are coming customers coming to the restaurant, and you can still serve them in time. A tip for you is to upgrade heroes and mystical creatures. They will help you maximize your workflow. Work will become quick and easy.

Potion Punch 2 mod download

Unlock new stores

As your business grows, you need to scale. Unlock and build more restaurants and bars to receive as many customers as possible. Some new stores such as Enchantment Shop, Shroom Kitchen, Charm Shop, .. are waiting to be opened. Each store will offer its own attractive service. Diversifying products and services is a good way to do business for you.

Potion Punch 2 mod apk free

Join the seasonal event

Each game season will bring a new event. Participate in events to collect special rewards like Skins, costumes. Fun-shaped costumes will delight you, such as Monkey King Nobu, Snow Queen Aeon, Franken G’larg, Space Princess Lisbeth,… Special events like these are only available for a limited time. So don’t miss out.

Potion Punch 2 modapk

Potion Punch 2 is not just an ordinary cooking or mixing game. The game combines cooking with spooky magic. You won’t be able to guess what kind of dishes you can create yourself. The chefs are lovely baby dragons, and the customers are elves, witches, etc. A world that seems extremely chaotic and scary but surprisingly fun and interesting. Come to Potion Punch 2 mod and cook crazy food the way you want. Strict time management to not upset a single customer.

Download Potion Punch 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets) for Android

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7 months ago
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Game crashes when I turn wifi on or connect to s network plus the unlimited energy doesn’t work and won’t refill cuz I can’t connect to a network

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