Final Gear Bilibili Japan MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multiplier, unlimited ammo, skills) 1.43.0

Updated on 17/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameFinal Gear Bilibili Japan APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multiplier, unlimited ammo, skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Get ready for the battle between different realities in Final Gear Bilibili Japan. It seems that the dizzying development of the gacha game industry has significantly affected the way many publishers make games. Now we have another fascinating gacha masterpiece called Final Gear Bilibili Japan. Set in the future where machines operate with the sole purpose of fighting. You will join one of the three existing forces in the world. Join the most epic and dangerous robot battles. Use your skills to survive and take scientific technology to the next level. Welcome to the chaotic world of Final Gear Bilibili Japan.

Bring turn-based combat and explore distinct storylines. The player will become the commander of one of the fleets in each of the different factions. Each faction mustered its forces to fight the other sections. You will summon the best warriors and command them to control battle robots out on the battlefield. Arrange the formation to bring the highest probability of victory. Level up the controls of your best pilots. Unlock new technology to upgrade the fighting robots.

Final Gear Bilibili Japan mod

Download Final Gear Bilibili Japan mod – Bringing victory thanks to top-notch leadership

As the world entered the 22nd century, specifically in 2110, the world witnessed the scariest disaster in history. A huge meteorite has hit the earth, claiming the lives of most of the humans on the surface. Having suffered terrible consequences, only a small number of people survived. They gathered together and developed advanced science and technology to survive and fight many dangerous forces. Over an extended period, an ultimate weapon has been created. Humans named it “Final Gear.” What happened next became the most significant event in human history.

Final Gear is increasingly being developed to aid humans in combat. It gradually spread to the entire continent, and everywhere there were these robot fighter planes. Since then, three major powers on the continent have been formed to compete for absolute power. Those are Kegua, Ireta, and Hikeshear. Players will choose one of these three factions to serve and fight against the other two. The subsequent development of the story is your journey with the most potent Final Gears on the continent.

Final Gear Bilibili Japan mod apk

Your squad

You are the main character and will command the “Black Arc” squad. This is a team of mercenaries consisting of girls skilled at fighting and controlling the Final Gear. From now on, you will join them in battles with the other two factions. Summon the girls in the gacha system to get the most powerful warriors. Each warrior has a rank based on the rarity of R, SR, and SSR. These girls will control a separate Final Gear of their own. There are hundreds of characters from all three different forces. They possess unique skills and powers. Also contains the most iconic Final Gears.

Final Gear Bilibili Japan mod apk free

Various forms of combat combat

The battlefield of Final Gear Bilibili Japan has many different forms to increase the level of experience for players. Your combat mission can be attacking to destroy enemies, defending from enemy counterattacks, escorting convoys to safety, capturing points, or solving puzzles. Each form of combat requires you to use different tactics. Each battle formation will have a maximum of 4 characters equivalent to 4 fighters, including a command plane that you control. The rest is the automatic system of AI. The range of tactics and combinations is unlimited, depending on how many characters you have. Complete quests to expand the world map.

Final Gear Bilibili Japan mod free

Modern research facilities

Your headquarters will be a standard army base. In the early game, there won’t be too much to do. But when you complete specific tasks, you will unlock many essential areas. Build a dormitory specifically for team characters to rest. Expand the hangar to add more powerful aircraft. The Observation Room is where you keep track of your mission’s stage. It is impossible not to mention the laboratory to improve the plane with more complex technologies. Each time the base is upgraded, the size of the rooms will be expanded. At the same time, they also generate a certain amount of revenue for commanders like you.

Final Gear Bilibili Japan free

Bring an anime-style familiar to people around the world and especially in Japan. Designed by manga artists and anime producers, the visual quality in Final Gear Bilibili Japan is always what stands out. Many cultural, architectural, and stylistic elements are also included in this game as respect. At the same time, it also turns Final Gear Bilibili Japan mod into a beautiful work of art and attracts players at first sight.

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